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  1. My schedule is very unpredictable, so no promises, but I 'd love to. First I have to play the game a bit (I bought it recently) to get motivated and get ideas flowing. Cleon, where art thou?
  2. The sliders approach was my idea. It made sense back then, because the tactical module worked with sliders as well (that's where I got the idea from). I think it succeeded in allowing more gamers to work with it, as a lot of people were lost with the pig-in-the-middle approach. But I agree, training can do with a rethink.
  3. Could be. Or maybe it is confusing because it does not allow tampering with things that one would logically expect to tamper with (workload). But yes, due to former experience it is hard to know what exactly is the case. Oh man, I hated it. It was too opaque for me, and for most others as I recall. To each his own, I guess. You know, the problem with FM training was never its complexity (eg, compared to the tactical module), it was always the presentation of information. From what I see, I think SI have missed this point entirely. Provided I can afford the time, I may be back with a detailed proposal for training after I play the game for a while.
  4. Cheers, Dr Hook! Good to see you still here. What is the story behind this decision, did it come from SI initially or did the community campaign for it? I am very -VERY- disappointed with this. I don't understand it either, does SI really believe that people who get easily overwhelmed will find training simpler now? It is actually more confusing than it used to be.
  5. Hi all! After missing FM15, I am trying to get into FM16 now. I am a bit confused with training workload at the moment. Here are my questions: 1) In the default skin, where is the option to set the intensity of individual training? Has it been streamlined out of the game or is it somewhere and I don't see it? 2) In the default skin, do we get information on the percentage of time devoted to each training element for a player? (eg, individual training, ppm, team training etc) In FM14 we used to see bars explaining everything about workload, but now I don't see such a thing. 3) In the default skin, training workload for each player is shown on 2 different screens. a) In training->individual training->player, and b) in squad->player->develpment->training. Are these both !TOTAL! workload for each player or (TOTAL-TEAM TRAINING)? No matter what I do with team training workload, the above workloads are always MEDIUM for every player, so I am confused about what they take into account. Thanks. We have several screens full of overwhelming information on training, so I 'll be very disappointed if I can't customize training as much i used to in older versions.
  6. Problem: Training feedback is confusing with respect to workload. The *feedback* on training workload is confusing. I have just spent about 5 minutes tampering with training options and am still unsure what the overall workload is for each player and what the partial workload for each training option (ie, contribution of team training + individual training) is. There is "workload" feedback on the individual training screen and on the player->development->training screen. However, what does it take into account? Does it take into account team training? Maybe I will figure it out in the end, but you definitely need to find a way to present the workload contribution of partial elements in a clear manner. I seem to remember the situation being better in FM14. Proposed solution: On the individual training screen AND on the player->development->training screen I want to see *2* workloads. a) An "Individual Training Workload" showing how heavy the individual training contributions are. And b) An "Overall Workload for the player" showing (Individual Training + Team Training) workload. This should clear it up.
  7. I think the trick is to yell in their general direction without attacking their self-esteem too much The hard part is to find out what "too much" is for each one them though. I think this part is mirrored in FM decently. You must have been very lucky in your life! Anyway, by "not inspiring" I didn't necessarily mean people who don't yell.
  8. Thomit, I think you are exaggerating there, no? If I were that player, I might be asking for a transfer within a few days. In fact, been there done that (although not in a sports team). Anyway, I 'm quite happy with the in-match team talk module so I don't have much to add to this discussion. I have worked in environments where the leader was far from inspiring and the results were often catastrophic. If anything, I find the game module to be much easier to handle than RL, which of course is what one would expect. The team-meeting module on the other hand could use an upgrade.
  9. If he is a newgen, then add to that Prof=5-20 (determination case 2). If he is not a newgen, then you only get what Cougar said.
  10. OK, I am rubbish at reading the match engine (I can never tell if I am doing well or not), so this thread is definitely here to help people like me. Chivas 4-1-2-1-2, will look to dominate the middle of the pitch and take advantage of the man in the hole. Using a more cautious mentality or dropping deeper will create space for their AM and will force Cruz's lines away from each other (a problem that Chivas will never have due to their DM and AM). Indeed, they seem to have played with a Counter mentality. Their 2 CMs would need to be hard working in order to help defending the flanks. However, in the match Andrade (their MCR) probably was a playmaker, which partly explains why Rivera was able to bomb 20 crosses in. I guess Chivas decided that they could cope with the crosses, especially with their DM helping out inside the area. I would probably be too scared to make such a decision myself, although of course I don't know the attributes of the participants. The right striker dropped deeper. That wasn't enough to stop Rivera crossing, but it may have helped with the midfield tracking their men better in defense and also created space for Fabian. Fast team, probably with better players than Cruz. Cruz 4-4-2 with Cardenas (the right striker) dropping a bit deeper. Cruz need to be a bit aggressive in order to reduce vertical space between the lines either by adopting an aggressive mentality (which they probably did) or by pushing higher up. I think Salgado was a W(A) and Rivera a W(S), possibly with dribble more and cross from byline. The MCL also dropped deeper, may have been a CM(D). In the attacking phase, Cruz should have looked to overwhelm Chivas on the flanks and thus drag players out of position. If I were managing them, I 'd have started with a CWB on the left and a WB(A) with cross from byline on the right. The wide midfielders would have been a W(A) on the right and a W(S) or WM(S) on the left to keep Andrade under check. All wide players should probably have more direct and more risky passing, so that they look to switch flanks as per Defensive Arts thread. More direct passing for the 2 CDs too to get the ball the hell out of there fast. I would probably have made Rodriguez (the MCR) a BtB so that he makes some runs for the crosses without being too attacking. Defensively, there is alot to think about. I already mentioned pushing higher up to reduce space. I would have probably made Cardenas a DF to keep Cid under check so that the rest of the midfield don't have to close him down. Quintero (the dropping MC) should have been man-marking Fabian. Then Rivera would hopefully gravitate towards the middle to keep Andrade under check. If that didn't happen, I 'd make Rivera a WM(S) and if that wasn't enough either I might tight mark Andrade with Rivera. One of the main questions defensively is who are the wide midfielders going to mark. I already mentioned Rivera possibly tight marking Andrade. What a about Salgado? I 'd maybe put him on close down less and make him my unofficial playmaker (depending on attributes, of course) or just let him find someone to mark on his own. Cruz's defensive project is quite complicated due to the shapes of the two teams, so some trial and error in the starting minutes might be in order. A first thought would be that I might need to switch the roles and marking instructions on my 2 flanks. In the match, Cruz's players often seemed confused as to who they should be marking, and that was a very real danger right from the start.
  11. If he has potential left (I don't know what his CA/PA are), there is no reason why his acceleration/pace cannot improve a lot. If you care enough, work him on Quickness to help him out.
  12. OK then, I 'll upload some screenies when I get the chance to. I 'll have to start a new save, because teams don't let me counter any more in my current one.
  13. Right, it's not just the 3 midfielders, but it's them too. It is not just the WM holding up the ball though, anyone taking part in the counter might do it. I was using DM+BtB+AP(A)+F9, if it makes any difference. I may do some screenies next time a team lets me counter attack, but no promises.
  14. No problem. Right, a lot of things change while counter-attacking, but that's my point too, "look for overlap" is taken into account by the ME during counter-attacking through the middle. The coder may have forgotten about it, may have deemed it unworthy of mentioning or it may even be a knock-on effect that he didn't think about. I 've done coding myself so none of the above would surprise me. Why don't you just try it next time you get a chance, Cleon? You 'll see it.
  15. Does it matter what is changed under the hood during a counter-attack for the difference I am mentioning? I think what matters is that the counter-attack plays out differently with overlap on and overlap off. Right, I have already seen and enjoyed your thread. But even if it were the coder himself who provided the info, it makes no difference to me. I mean, the effect is right there for everyone to see.
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