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  1. Hello. I can't understand, what is the mission of this file. Can I use Champions League, Europa League, Europa Conference League together with Intertoto Cup or Cup Winners Cup? Is it working with 20.4?
  2. Yes, it would be great. Also in Europe, when you will do it, please add D3 (ПФЛ) for Russia. Cause russian modding community doesn't make updates anymore.
  3. Please make Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain first divisions if you can. There are no well made FM20 updates for these interesting countries. Also, If you can make please Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
  4. I also search such update. I need England till Level 10-11 but with all cups (including league cups).
  5. Hello. Can you add more leagues in future? For example Kazakhstan, Egypt, Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Qatar leagues. And maybe some others that a popular but not represented in game.
  6. Hello! Please tell more about International Champions Cup. Are there random teams? Or the same teams playing it every year?
  7. Please make the International Champions Cup update for 20.3
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