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  1. This is great, thanks a lot for the suggestions. I hadn't considered a CAR/BWM at all. Unfortunately, the wide players I have are almost all left footed so I think I'll have to keep the IW(at) on the right and WM(s) on the left, which would mean the Mez(at) in the CML position. Am I right in thinking that you suggested the Mez(at) in the MCR position because the player in question is right footed? Hopefully playing in the MCL position will be ok. Is this also the kind of set up that can work well when in those games when I'm the favourite and teams are defending against me, leaving little space to for me counter-attack? I feel I need to develop a "Plan B" as my team slowly improves. Thanks again!
  2. Hi all I'm new to the forums but I've played FM on and off over the years. I have a few questions about my tactics and I'd appreciate any suggestions anyone has. I'm a few years into my save (2023) and I'm now half way through my second season in the Premier League expected to finish 14th. I've been playing counter-attacking football with a flat 4141 (although the tactic has changed slightly each season). My aims with the tactic is to have goals from the DLF, IW and CM(a), with assists from the CM(a), IW and W and this seems (mostly) to be working, although I don't score many goals (when I win it is often 1-0). 1) I feel like the W isn't contributing as I'd like (very few assists). Would a role change be good here? And I suppose I would need to change the FB behind him too in that case? Any suggestions about this left flank? 2) The CM(a) is my star academy player and the player I have tried to build the team around. I really want to get the most out of him (goals/assists/key passes etc). My thinking is that using him as a CM(a) helps ensure he is effecting the game high up the pitch and in a position to offer a goal scoring threat (he had 9 goals last season which seems fine I think but he doesn't "run the game" as much as I would like). In some games he just can't get on the ball or find space and I'd like to find a way to fix that. Would a role change be good here too? I have tried him a little as a RPM(s) and AP(a) to help him get on the ball more but then I miss his driving runs from midfield. I am also unsure on the balance of the rest of the team/roles with him as a playmaker. I've even tried him further forward as a SS but I'd like him on the ball more in the centre of the pitch where he can effect the game the most. The game is telling me that his best role is a Mez but this is a role that I don't fully understand and is it suited to counter-attacking football? Any suggestions please? 3) I've noticed that my home form isn't very strong and that I struggle to break teams down when they don't leave space (which makes sense as I'm mostly counter-attacking). But I think I'm reaching the time where I need a "Plan B". In these games I've been experimenting by adding a playmaker - I've tried AP, DLP, RPM and WP options but nothing really stood out. These are the kind of games I'd like the CM(a) to influence more. Would playing him as RPM(s) or AP(a) help with that? Again though, I'm unsure on how to then set up the rest of the team around him. I have also tried changing the Anchor to a DM(s)to support the midfield more in these games. I have also been experimenting with the instructions by lowering the tempo slightly and adding "Work Ball into Box" with mixed results. Does anyone have any suggestions for some change to the tactic/roles in matches like this? Here is a picture of my tactic of my tactic and a picture of the player that I'm trying to get the most of. I'd like to keep a flat 4141 but I am happy to play around with roles to get the best out of this player. Thanks for any ideas.
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