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  1. Injury and players go off for treatment. Match play images freeze
  2. I have been playing on a new save as I thought it maybe a glitch from my saved set pieces on another save. Everything has been fine until just 5 mins ago when again top right corner. Players go off the pitch injured whilst the corner taker waits then the match animation freezes but game play sound is running in the background but I'm stuck on the screen with no way of returning to menu. I've been running this save from start to Sept 2020 and the first crash with this save System Information - Mac - Sports Interactive Community.html
  3. I just let the match play out in the background. It must have got to halftime but no way to resume the game. Now totally frozen up. No sound No response from clicking on screen menus. Unresponsive
  4. Only just made time to get back to the game. I've deleted the Facepack file and continued with my save. I'm now playing in 3D match engine with extended highlights so to reduce the likelihood of the game freezing. I got through 2 matches but on the 3rd, the match engine has frozen on a corner in top right of the pitch again. All buttons for the menus etc are unresponsive on the screen but the sound is continuing in the background as if the match is still playing. I'm going to let the match run through to see if I can continue the save or whether to shut it down. It's making the save unplayable unless I save after every game
  5. I do have a DF11 Facepack installed. Im on a Macbook so I dont have DxDiag do I?
  6. After deleting my preferences and cache folders. On loading up the game within 10mins of matchplay play it froze on the same top right corner of pitch on my attcking corner. The graphics were set on lowest setting
  7. I just tried all of the above. On reloading the game I got through the next fixture with no issues. Then 10mins into the next match the first corner in the top right of the pitch it freezes again. Only happens on 3D match engine in top right corner of the pitch. Only happened after updating mac to Catalina 10.15.2
  8. I just reloaded again and managed to get through the match with no issues. Then 75min into the next match another corner (always in top right corner of the pitch on 3D match engine) it freezes again but this time the screen has gone black.
  9. Summary: Game freezing during match Description of Issue: Updated my Mac to Catalina 10.15.2 On next session on FM 20 the game freezes on the taking of a corner using 3D match engine. Crowd still makes a noise. Gameplay freezes and can't access any of the menus. I couldn't quit the game or restart Mac due to FM 20 app. still running. I closed the lid of the laptop upon reopening the FM20 app. closed down and I could restart and load the game. When I resumed the match on reloading the first corner go the game caused it to freeze again. Steps to Reproduce: When I resumed the match on reloading the first corner go the game caused it to freeze again. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Jamie Pike - Unemployed.fm
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