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  1. roughtfish

    Beyoncé's 2018 F1 Thread

    The pace car just crashed before the start of the indycar race in Detroit
  2. Hothouse Flowers in 88 still the best Eurovision interval performance
  3. Sweden doing the Bruce Forsyth nod
  4. roughtfish

    PlaYEr UnKNoWnseSes Battlegrounds thread!

    12 xbox patches in and it STILL crashes consistantly. Used to be when accessing my inventory so at least I wa stationary ,but recently it seems to be more while travelling. Your character doesn't stop while your loading back in so I've ended up in some weird places!
  5. roughtfish

    PlaYEr UnKNoWnseSes Battlegrounds thread!

    2 solo dinners in 4 games Thanks the severny tip!
  6. roughtfish

    Beyoncé's 2018 F1 Thread

    One or two laps wouldn't be the end of the world in a 90 minute race. Indycar has built in a nose camera in the new cars for this year (think Forza bumber view). Couple that with engine noises and I don't see a problem; the music idea on the other hand....
  7. roughtfish

    Beyoncé's 2018 F1 Thread

    Thought it was a good idea up until the music playing bit! Nascar do a "turn it up" lap or two and Aussie Supercars do the same kind of thing.
  8. roughtfish

    PlaYEr UnKNoWnseSes Battlegrounds thread!

    Haha. I was heading over one of the bridges to the Military Island the other day in a buggy when I got smashed into by someone on the sidecar bike. The guy who rammed me jumped out and starting shooting whilst my buggy flipped on the boxes on the side of bridge and then somehow merged through the bridge road to the beach underneath & I drove away
  9. roughtfish

    PlaYEr UnKNoWnseSes Battlegrounds thread!

    Around the same here in Solo FPP, 16 solo wins now. Just can't get Duo's to click though with the guy I play with. We're definitely getting better but end game really lets us down & we've only got the chicken once. Solo I tend to jump into 3 places; Gatka, the 3 warehouses just across the road from Georgopol (as I hate the containers in the docks) & a cluster of buildings at the end of a road south of Stalbar in the East of the map.
  10. roughtfish

    PlaYEr UnKNoWnseSes Battlegrounds thread!

    Upped my brightness from the what works best for every other game and then suddenly I'm kicking arse. 80th in Europe FPP on Xbox. Everyone else must be really bad because I still have no idea what's going to happen when I press the trigger! https://imgur.com/a/3DIfJ
  11. roughtfish

    PlaYEr UnKNoWnseSes Battlegrounds thread!

    Last Xbox patch has killed the framerate on my X. Strange as the 6 or so patches before had all shown improvement.
  12. roughtfish


    Get my annual Southern ticket on the 31st Dec so on last years increase rather than this years which was much higher. Now over £2.5k a year though Already had one delay repay of £2.80!
  13. roughtfish

    Is this reasonable?

    Go stay at your parents for free? (or for whatever you feel is reasonable)
  14. roughtfish

    PlaYEr UnKNoWnseSes Battlegrounds thread!

    Another Xbox patch this morning apparantly; good to see they seem serious about supporting it.
  15. roughtfish

    The TV Show Thread

    Caught up with this last night. This series was the best imho, so good. Shame they didn't air it a bit later so there could've been a Christmas Special too.