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  1. 1992 - Henrik Andersen screaming at his knee
  2. Carroll should've been picked and started. Managed to get wide to Baines so often but every time he played a safe ball 10 yards back rather than planting one on to a target man. England can't do intricate.
  3. FFS ITV HD, back to SD again now
  4. Work.Day.Going.So.Slowly. Also have a horrible feeling I only recorded the opening ceremony and not the first game as I didn't realise ITV had split the coverage into two programs on the planner
  5. Such sad news. RIP Serpico.
  6. Jacob clearly Vincent from Beauty and the Beast, according to this picture anyway
  7. Bye bye League 2, ball just wouldn't go in today
  8. Finally got my Wembley tickets this morning. Was panicing a bit seeing as I'm travelling tomorrow. How much do Bournemouth owe HMR&C Krost?
  9. 1-2 'mon Luton
  10. Luton 0-2 Rotherham Shame as we seem to be playing alright.
  11. Noticed in the video of the Luton Under 11 indoor winning team that SI have their logo on the back of the tops
  12. Result, 'phoned them back again and the Scottish chap put it straight on. 'Mon Luton.
  13. Crap, Sky phoned offering half price Sky Sports for 3 months at the weekend but the other half turned them down. She didn't realise Luton are on TV tonight. Just rang them now and they reckon the offer is finished
  14. Enjoying this so far, and not hating the off island stuff as much as some. The actor who plays Faraday obviously went to the same acting school as Wentworth Miller. Stop whispering ffs
  15. Craddock fee £80k according to Sky. Bargain.