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  1. Not sure if this is the right place to report this, however... By the 2020s all South Korean players are listed as ineligible for military (national) service. This leaves the 2 military teams, Sangju and Ansan, without any players and at the foot of the K-League Challenge (2nd division) every season with barely any points. ALL South Korean newgens are listed as ineligible for national service. That status never changes. I'm assuming this is a bug. Although, I did read a while back that South Korea were abolishing 'alternative' military service within a few years. If true, I'd assume footballers would have to do actual military service instead of just representing the military teams. Anyway, I'd just like to know if this is an actual bug or if it's just set to be like that?
  2. Excellent. Keep up the good work! RE: Japan From the 2017 season onwards, J.League 1 is reverting to a single stage and no championship game. The winners of the league will be champions. I also believe as of the 2017 season J1 teams will have an extra foreign player spot. Prize money is apparently increasing too, after the J.League signed a mega-money digital streaming deal. The winners of next season's J1 will receive ¥1 Billion.
  3. MLS editing

    Yes, Chivas USA fold at the end of the 2014 season in game. This replicates real life. Try adding your team as a new team to the 2015 season like Mars managed to do above.
  4. MLS editing

    Ah yes, that's correct; turns out NYCFC trade their SuperDraft picks every save. Bugger. It does still seem that there's a possibility to successfully do this.
  5. MLS editing

    Awesome job, Mars. The expansion draft works for you, it didn't for me. Could you upload your file so I can see what you've done differently to me please? Did you notice NYCFC don't get a pick in the 2015 SuperDraft? Same things happens on mine too. But I think this is a bug as they don't get a pick when you load up the game without any editor data. Orlando City do each time.
  6. MLS editing

    Excellent stuff, Mars. I followed your lead by trying to add an extra 2 teams to the 2015 season, but instead used the advanced rules to edit the 2015 season ruleset. This kind of worked; The 2 new teams (along with NYCFC and Orlando) were successfully added to the 2015 season and the season took place, the new teams entered the SuperDraft and the Expansion draft. However, the expansion draft wasn't successful as it stopped in the first round when it got to the 3rd team's (one of the new teams) pick. I still can't get new teams added for any year other than 2015 though. But things are definitely looking promising. Hoping that someone with experience using the advanced rules will take a look at this.
  7. MLS editing

    I tried something similar; the draft and rules remained, NYCFC and Orlando joined in 2015 as expected, but the 2 teams I set to join the following year didn't join. I've barely used the advanced rules before, so perhaps someone who is more au fait with them can try to get this working.
  8. [FM14] Japanese League

    Not had the time, as yet. Will see what I can do.
  9. MLS editing

    Looking at the Advanced Rules for USA, I'm convinced we should be able to add expansion teams for future seasons. There's a ruleset for MLS 2014 (19 teams) and a ruleset for MLS 2015 (20 teams). So surely rules for 2017 can be added to include the next two expansion teams. Though I'd highly doubt the expansion draft will work for any expansions after the hardcoded NYC FC and Orlando City in '15.
  10. [FM14] Japanese League

    Thanks Willz, much appreciated. Hopefully Widehawk will release a FM15 version of this so I won't have to do anything!
  11. [FM14] Japanese League

    Any chance you could upload the file, please? I was going to cross-reference it with all the Japanese transfers from the Summer onwards and remove the duplicates.
  12. [FM14] Japanese League

    Links are dead. Does anyone still have the files for the latest version of this? Widehawk, are you going to be releasing a Japanese DB for FM15?
  13. Another thing... Whilst we were steamrolling teams every week we were the odds on favourite for every game. Since our run of bad form we've become MASSIVE underdogs in every game, even against the bottom of the league teams - we're currently 3rd despite the poor form. That doesn't seem right. Our next game is against a team that are 30 points behind us, yet we're a 10-1 underdog and described as 'vastly inferior' to - seems crazy!
  14. Thanks again for the replies guys, there has been some thought provoking responses. However, can we please keep the bickering to a minimum - it could overshadow some of the helpful advice that's being given. Theron - I do understand some of the points you're bringing up and I know all too well how frustrating it can be. Though I do not believe it to be a 'conspiracy' - I was obviously doing something or approaching certain things wrong. Though I will note one thing - my severe downturn in fortunes started right after I restarted FM after a power cut - I always leave my iMac on, thus FM normally never gets switched off either. I'm putting it down to a coincidence though. I'll have a look for that post you mentioned in regards to Team Talks and post a link to it in here. UPDATE: Here is the link to the above mentioned Team Talks post. Going through your points... 1) I've been thinking the same. A tactical rethink may be needed, or at least a tactical experimentation. 2) Intriguing. Confidence was extremely high whilst on our good run. 3) I've not delved too deeply into player personalities, I feel I need to now. I do notice that my players reactions change far too much during games - going from anxious, to confused, to relaxed, to composed and back to anxious all in the space of a single half. 4) This would make sense. Perhaps some of my 'bigger' players have a low consistency stat - may explain why my star striker could fall into a barrel of boobs and come up sucking his own thumb at the moment - classic Ian Holloway comment. 5) After the performance we put in against SPL side Motherwell (2 divisions above) in the cup (3-3 at home and then 2-2 away in the replay - lost on pens) tells me big games are a strength. But then again, against Rangers in the league the previous season we got brutally torn apart every time we played them. Against the top teams in my league this season, I was walking through them until the slump. So unsure of the answer to this question. This makes sense - I was tending to play on the counter most of the time. Back to the drawing board I think. I still believe morale has something to do with this dreadful run I've been on. I've tried team meetings & private chats, non have had the desired effect. Any suggestions on boosting morale? Obviously a win would do us the world of good - sadly not looking likely!