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  1. Any update on a fix for the North American League issue as yet, @Christopher Lewis? As it stands, the DLC is unplayable due to this.
  2. Any update on the issue with qualification for the North American League?
  3. I quickly simulated through multiple (20ish) seasons and the league winners never qualified for the North American League. It was always just a random team from the league.
  4. The CanPL league winners never qualify for the CONCACAF League as they're supposed to. It's seemingly just a random team that qualifies each season. On the rules list for the league it says the winner of the Canadian Premier League Final qualifies for the CONCACAF League. But that never happens. It looks like it's set to just pick a random team each year.
  5. Excellent. Keep up the good work! RE: Japan From the 2017 season onwards, J.League 1 is reverting to a single stage and no championship game. The winners of the league will be champions. I also believe as of the 2017 season J1 teams will have an extra foreign player spot. Prize money is apparently increasing too, after the J.League signed a mega-money digital streaming deal. The winners of next season's J1 will receive ¥1 Billion.
  6. Yes, Chivas USA fold at the end of the 2014 season in game. This replicates real life. Try adding your team as a new team to the 2015 season like Mars managed to do above.
  7. Ah yes, that's correct; turns out NYCFC trade their SuperDraft picks every save. Bugger. It does still seem that there's a possibility to successfully do this.
  8. Awesome job, Mars. The expansion draft works for you, it didn't for me. Could you upload your file so I can see what you've done differently to me please? Did you notice NYCFC don't get a pick in the 2015 SuperDraft? Same things happens on mine too. But I think this is a bug as they don't get a pick when you load up the game without any editor data. Orlando City do each time.
  9. Excellent stuff, Mars. I followed your lead by trying to add an extra 2 teams to the 2015 season, but instead used the advanced rules to edit the 2015 season ruleset. This kind of worked; The 2 new teams (along with NYCFC and Orlando) were successfully added to the 2015 season and the season took place, the new teams entered the SuperDraft and the Expansion draft. However, the expansion draft wasn't successful as it stopped in the first round when it got to the 3rd team's (one of the new teams) pick. I still can't get new teams added for any year other than 2015 though. But things are definitely looking promising. Hoping that someone with experience using the advanced rules will take a look at this.
  10. I tried something similar; the draft and rules remained, NYCFC and Orlando joined in 2015 as expected, but the 2 teams I set to join the following year didn't join. I've barely used the advanced rules before, so perhaps someone who is more au fait with them can try to get this working.
  11. Not had the time, as yet. Will see what I can do.
  12. Looking at the Advanced Rules for USA, I'm convinced we should be able to add expansion teams for future seasons. There's a ruleset for MLS 2014 (19 teams) and a ruleset for MLS 2015 (20 teams). So surely rules for 2017 can be added to include the next two expansion teams. Though I'd highly doubt the expansion draft will work for any expansions after the hardcoded NYC FC and Orlando City in '15.
  13. Thanks Willz, much appreciated. Hopefully Widehawk will release a FM15 version of this so I won't have to do anything!
  14. Any chance you could upload the file, please? I was going to cross-reference it with all the Japanese transfers from the Summer onwards and remove the duplicates.
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