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    In the very past (until 2008) I managed to play Anstoss (On the ball), hosted a fan site (Anstossplayer) and I've created custom country packs for that game. Since FM is back on Mac I fell in love again with football managers.

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    VfB Stuttgart
  1. Würde mich auch mal interessieren. Spiele mit Vancouver und die haben ein B und ein C Team. Das C Team würde ich gerne abmelden.
  2. I've created a new club continent rules set for North America to include the Champions League (and North American League) without original rules, exported and selected it for a new save game but still see the old original rules and competitions for both leagues. (I did the same for nations Canada and US to integrate a European style rule set, which worked well). Is there any way to get around that? I hoped the "Copa America" trick could help but I can't adopt that to my problem - too many differences appear. Please could somebody guide me how get around (either step by step re
  3. I found it: I don't need to import other editor data.. just create a new rule set
  4. Hey there, When I import USA editor data and open the US rule set I'm not able to remove or changes details for any leagues (like the MLS). I've done this for Canada and it worked well. What's my fault?
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