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  1. Despite what others think of the idea to include the stadium around the pitch, I do feel this is something that could be looked at. Currently there is no graphical representation as to who is at home during the match, it isnt important but it would add flavour. Just a simple couple of rows of inanimate supporters in the club colours around the edge of the screen, with a small section set aside for away support. If each clubs "stadium" had a different section of the ground for away support this would improve individuality between clubs. Im not looking for total realism, meaning a true reflection of real stadiums and where they put the away support. I was just thinking about it last night- Cisse had scored at they all ran in the corner to celebrate, currently they could be playing on the local park but in my FM minds eye he ran towards the away fans were to celebrate. Ideally this could be linked to ingame text "The away support are furious" etc We've all seen the "they love him" message after a goal, Again in my imagination hes running towards the home end when that comes up. Its quite easy to build up an affinity with players but doing the same with a club is more difficult as they are pretty much indentical. Ultimately, none of this will improve the game in itself but it would improve the game you play in you head at the same time(Thats not just me is it?).
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