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  1. How will it be different from this forum?
  2. Interesting. How are you going to differentiate with for example this forum?
  3. I never play it on the phone. You need to use the controller for it. Do you think that is practical? I'm using a 11 inch laptop and already experience some difficulties with the screen size.
  4. I can make some tomorrow if you like but how do you see yourself playing it with the controller on your phone?
  5. Maybe you are not capable to manage a big team like Chelsea. It comes with a lot of pressure and high expectations. Instead of keep trying the same thing over and over again, maybe it's better to start with a lower league club and see if that fits better with you. Don't forget that in real life the most managers could manage Chelsea over and over again but would never get success.
  6. How does it work? Is It turn based? Can you play in the same competition? Do you need to be in the game in the same time? Can you only play on Stadia with people who has Football Manager on Stadia?
  7. Is there a place where I can find al the things that has been added?
  8. Hey! Not sure how I can check that, if you know how I happy to test it for you.
  9. What are your favorite criteria to use when you are looking for a new player?
  10. How do you spend your time from 3 days before till the end of the match? I would like to know how much of you time you use to actually watch the match.
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