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  1. What are your favorite criteria to use when you are looking for a new player?
  2. How do you spend your time from 3 days before till the end of the match? I would like to know how much of you time you use to actually watch the match.
  3. Thanks guys! Helpful information for me. I'm still quite new in the game and there are just to much options
  4. When you make your 11, do you change the role of the player to make sure it is as green as possible, or do you stuck to you tactics and keep the role the same as always? I am struggling with this at the moment. My gut feeling says, make it as green as possible but not sure if that has to much impact on the gameplay as you change tactics all the game.
  5. Dus you check if it infleunce his performance? If he is playing well I would not care about it to much.
  6. Just to let you now. I don't mind but it's more for him. To be annoyed on such things on a international forum is a waste of your energy.
  7. Ahh, that is alright. Don't stress out about minor things. English is not for everyone their "1st" language.
  8. And setting him up to do only the transfers and contract negotiations for the 2th team and youth?
  9. So what would you do if you are in the highest division of a league? Ideally for me he would be managing the 2th team and youth team on the finals side such as contracts and transfers. When you look for a better one, do you mind if he is coming from another country?
  10. Sounds like my job in sales. One year you hit your target, the next year they double it.
  11. Good point. Just some wishful thinking from my side (former FIFA Manager player)
  12. Totally agree, or accept the fact that some things are not completely realistic but add it for the fun of the game. You are the manager of the club and can decide what and what you don't want to do. If you are able to buy players and negotiate, why not upgrade your stadium? Like in reality a manager can request a stadium upgrade and then the board will accept and do it? For me it sound more like the game makers don't want to develop new things to the game and keep the shortcut. You can ask for the upgrade of the stadium but you can not design the upgrade your self or choose how big you can make it.
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