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  1. Network Game on LAN

    So you can play a network FM game without (necessarily) having an internet connection?
  2. Network Game on LAN

    Hamachi is not a LAN application. On LAN, you don't necessarily need an internet connection.
  3. Network Game on LAN

    Unfortunately it's not possible as far as I know.
  4. Regen dubbed the NEXT

    OK I get your point. Of course the 36 year old will be far worse of a player than the 30 year old one of any particular player(well except goalkeepers). This is mainly because of the physical disrupt of the player for sure. So I believe even the player(36 y.o.) is not as good as he was(at 30), he should be able to be a tutor of similar quality. Because his personality and his style wouldn't change much. I'm no expert at this issue though.
  5. "Goal of the Week" Monopoly

    Not a lot of players can do this obviously. Villa is a joy to watch. Legendary striker. One of the best of all time in my opinion. Well, I once have managed to get the top 2 goals, both scored by Roy Makaay. That was my closest to this.
  6. Regen dubbed the NEXT

    FoA, there is an age difference of 3 years between Kaka and Modric. So please don't give a wrong impression to the people. Kaka is not old yet SoA, tutoring is related mostly(maybe completely) to the mental and technical attributes. And I assume that an 36 year old Kaka would have very bad physical attributes but mentally and technically he would still be fairly good(slight decreases in technical may occur but mentally can be even better I guess). So at this point, you should look at the player and see which player would be a better role model. Kaka and Modric are both great players but have different unique styles of play. Maybe you should look at the preferred positions of all 3 players and make a good overall judgment about your player.
  7. The desire to be legend. The desire to create a new FC Barcelona or Arsenal FC from a blue square s/n team. The desire to be a combination of Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho. Maybe a little bit of Frank Rijkaard too. Also the joy. FM has a very unique taste of joy. It's quite indescribable. Also a little bit stupid. Anyway we keep on breathing. And football never ends.
  8. Yeah that is probably my favorite thing in FM10. I especially like to retrain MC players to MR or ML. This way you can have really strong wide midfielders who can play both aspects of the game. (Like box-to-box wingers or something)
  9. Players like giggs, shevchenko, weah, etc. are more than one time champions league champions. The fact that their home countries are not so great at football is not their fault, so I think they are world class. But england is a very powerful team in world football. You can't compare them to Ukraine, Wales or Liberia. England have incredibly more chance to win EURO/WORLD cups than those countries. Though as I said, Lampard still has a chance to become world class
  10. i would sell anyone who wants to go. it would then be a new challenge for me as well.
  11. AI Managers?

    To reflect their own personality in the game would be very hard. I know that. But sometimes even their tactics are not reflecting their footballing personality. Or let's say, they always play with the same formation in advancing years. I'm sure Mourinho wouldn't play 4-3-1-2 for the rest of his life. At some point this unrealistic way of things might get you bored.
  12. OK but is Frank world class? For a player to be world class, he would win some international success, both at club and national team levels. And I bet the best successes Lampard had till now is some EPLs, FA/League Cups, Champ League final(s). Not so great international successes.