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  1. I would recommend Warrior 442. Very strong tactic FM21WARRIORKnap4442P104ECCC.fmf
  2. itszdan_4231_v2.3.fmf I noticed i still have FM17 installed and if i remember this was a good tactic besides the strikerless 1s. Hope this helps!
  3. Thanks mate! Hoping to release a new tactic in the next day or 2.
  4. After many years of not creating my own tactics and relying on the ''God of FM'' Knap's tactic i decided to start creating my own tactics again. Of the 2 tactics i have created this year they have proven to be quite popular so i am now going to start posting my tactics on this forum also. I have been working on some other tactics but since the update has been released i have decided to start over again with these with the slight change to the ME seeming to have an effect on how efficient they now are. So until i finish on my new tactic i am posting my 2 tactics that seemed to work quite w
  5. I am having the very same issue. I am Sporting Lisbon so not sure if its a bug in just the Portugese League or for all leagues.
  6. My Introdction Being a huge Celtic fan i have decided to do a series of tactics which are based on my favourite Celtic teams from the past. So over the next week or 2 i will be uploading more tactics that i have tried to recreate.For the 1st tactic i will post all details but the others i will just give a brief description as i post on fm scout and it saves me typing everything out twice Tactic Testing To test my tactics i will be doing 1 season on holiday with Celtic and also Liverpool as i usually test with them as it is a way of gauging how it performs. Will post screenshots of bot
  7. Has the set pieces been uploaded? I cant see them anywhere
  8. I'm sure tast Davide is Carlo';s real son and has worked under him at a few of his clubs. I think he was a fitness coach at PSG and then an assistant coach at Bayern and Napoli and now works with him at Everton.
  9. Funnily enough i just switched to cerber4 after 4 seasons of annilihator and results seemed to improve massively! Those results with MAdrid looking amazing good work mate!
  10. I have found with all tactics, not just TFF'S, is that you need to give tactics a few seasons. I have yet to find a tactic thaTt is just plug and play which you could do in previous versions of FM. I still find Annilihator works best for me.
  11. I hope Touch has a future as i feel the full version just has way too much in it and even when its streamlined and have your assistant so alot of stuff i still feel it takes far too long. My only concern is i feel SI neglect touch quite a bit. The recent ME problem just highlights what SI feel about touch players. Launched the beta where the ME seems alot more reliable but touch players need to wait 2-3 months for it. As far as i have read we will not get any sort of beta but only once the full update is released.
  12. Hey Lucas, Can i ask why on steam you can change to public beta on FM Touch? I know it does not change anything just wondering if you knew there was the option? Thanks
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