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  1. I'm sure tast Davide is Carlo';s real son and has worked under him at a few of his clubs. I think he was a fitness coach at PSG and then an assistant coach at Bayern and Napoli and now works with him at Everton.
  2. Funnily enough i just switched to cerber4 after 4 seasons of annilihator and results seemed to improve massively! Those results with MAdrid looking amazing good work mate!
  3. I have found with all tactics, not just TFF'S, is that you need to give tactics a few seasons. I have yet to find a tactic thaTt is just plug and play which you could do in previous versions of FM. I still find Annilihator works best for me.
  4. Hey Godzilu, I have loaded your database and i am using 1 of your saves. I have then put the Frozen Players folder into the FMRTE folder. Is that all i need to do? DO i need to use the pre-game editor or FMRTE for anything else? Thanks
  5. Hey godzilu, After reading it again i just realise that. Not a good idea me being on so late and trying to do something new lol Will give it a go just now. Thanks
  6. Does anyone have a step by step guide on how to do this? I tried to follow the instructions but i am lost lol Really want to get a tactic testing league setup so any help would be muhc appreciated!
  7. I hope Touch has a future as i feel the full version just has way too much in it and even when its streamlined and have your assistant so alot of stuff i still feel it takes far too long. My only concern is i feel SI neglect touch quite a bit. The recent ME problem just highlights what SI feel about touch players. Launched the beta where the ME seems alot more reliable but touch players need to wait 2-3 months for it. As far as i have read we will not get any sort of beta but only once the full update is released.
  8. Hey Lucas, Can i ask why on steam you can change to public beta on FM Touch? I know it does not change anything just wondering if you knew there was the option? Thanks
  9. I did an Arsenal save and instead i used the preadator v4 and it worked very well. MAy be worth giving that a go instead
  10. Yeah especially when there was no need to talk up your tactics there results speak for themselves anyway. Keep up the good work mate and apologies once again if you were offended by my post it really was just for a bit of banter.
  11. Ok Apologies to TFF was just a bit of tongue in cheek humour. Being Scottish our humour can be a little dry at times
  12. As for taking the game too seriously isn't what you did with multiple accounts taking it a little too seriously?
  13. There is no hatred or hate maybe i came across wrong lol Just my own personal issue with the site nothing to do with what happened with you. Just do not like being lied too which i was by a mod but i am not going to lose any sleep over it. So for my initial question do you post your tactics anywhere else or is it just here now?
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