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  1. i never chnaged anything. won PL and CL in 3rd season, and almost everything in 4th season with Leicester.
  2. i'm afraid i don't have save from after chelsea match. only one i have is after wolves game.
  3. so journalist came and ask about my player on the loan, that just got reward for young player. after answering i'm happy he is developping my 2 first team players reactec negatively with status "he's not sure about his situation in club". save uploaded from before message under name "Michał Walenciak - Aston Villa.fm"
  4. it can't just stop working, there was no change in match engine. are you sure you haven't change something ? try to reload tactic.
  5. we are helpful community, people got plug and play tactic from TFF. same question were answered many times, i personaly answered few question that were explained in op. i understand people may struggle with English, but using google translate to read about 2 or 3 post above, or op, is not much effort.
  6. not a personal attack, but seriously? are you too lazy to do something so simple? are you too lazy to read few post and find that some1 already did share it? soon you gonna ask TFF to play game for you and just send you save with title celebration.
  7. you can use those one for DM. use your imagination, look on players mentioned as examples, most of them plays DM role. MCL / MCR ( Sergio Busquets | Arturo Vidal | Fernandinho | Rakitic) -- High Importance Attributes -- Passing, Technique, First Touch Vision, Decisions, Composure Work Rate, Teamwork, Anticipation, Positioning, Off The Ball, Dribbling -- Moderate Importance Attributes -- Acceleration, Pace, Marking, Tackling as i said filters could use update, yet it's really not that hard to figure it out.
  8. player has to be familiar with position (don't confuse it with role). if he's familiar with position, he can play there. set their training to this position, most players can learn it quite fast. from OP about stronger foot: MR (Right Foot) – Very Strong ML (Left Foot) - Very Strong/Strong/Fairly Strong DM attributes in OP are correct and you can safely use them. filters could use some update tho.
  9. yes, 2 PL titles and 1 CL with my WB season average rating below 7. i'm watching extended highlights and i can see how big job they do, yet game doesn't rate them high. had same issue with AM, don't know what was the reason tbh but after changing to Cerber v4 my problem was solved. from other hand my wingers are doing really well. make sure they're fast, decent mentals and stong left/roght foot depending on wing. personally i prefer if they don't have "cut inside" ppm.
  10. as TFF said few times, don't worry aboit it. it's just game rating system, it doesn't mean they play bad.
  11. can't help. it's either related to other option i just never used or it's a bug. wait, maybe someone else knows solution, if not check bug forum , report it if wasn't reported before.
  12. sorry my bad, that was in fm19. go to development center, select team and on top there is option to select default tactic.
  13. all i do is just set my tactic, then in staff rensponsibilities i set u21/19 etc manager to run the team, and there is option to tick "use 1st team tactic"
  14. half of my players doesn't play on their position as natural, yet they are doing really well. don't think it's that imported. familliar with position should do imo.
  15. there is no point to tweak tactic that works if those twqeaks bring nothing. there is plenty who find TFF tactics working great, it is sort of plug and play tactic but not 100%. you have to adapt your team to it. took me 3 years with leicester, but good transfers, players matching tactic and now i'm wining a lot. 2 PL titles in 2 years plus 1 CL.
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