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  1. sorry to dissapoint you but Polish translation is messed up. quote "1. Czy grałeś/grałaś w Football Managera 2020 na PC lub Mac podczas darmowego okresu na Steamie? direct translation: "did you play Football Manager 2020 on PC or MAC during free to play time on steam?" in my language (Polish) it means no more no less than did you play free version. i'm sorry but people responsible for Polish translation should rephrase this question.
  2. hello. i would like to give you some hate for that giveaway. first and most important question in giveaway is "did you play game in free to play time period". as a loyal fan i didn't because i had game purchased from day one. that's so no fair, i don't want to lie just to participate in giveaway, as survey is made for a reason and those answers are supposed to help with whatever you need it for. that's completly unaceptable that you leave loyal players out of this. huge minus for you guys, very dissapointing
  3. imo they're not considering that as fullfield promise, because players you bought are not better than previous player. 2 players with 3 starts are not exactly on same level.
  4. i've been heavy rotating as i did't had players "made" for this position plus my main assist players are wingers. but my 2 players playing on this possition were Teilemans: 9 goals, 7 assists and Alena: 5 goals, 8 assists this season i play Almada and Felix as main duo. so far Almada 2 goals in 2 games, Felix 1 goal in 2 games. no assists so far but will come.
  5. Foden, Felix, Almada, Olmo they all should do well imo
  6. obviously if those attributes are higher when new gen appears, the better they will be later. second thing is to start train them for the role asap, with focus on attributes they lack most.
  7. huge thank you TFF, finally in my 3rd season managed to win PL, CL final still to be played
  8. i don't know if it will help, but from my experience with problem, it looks like hiring staff for u23 and u18 is sometimes considered as staff for first team. i have technical director and his responsible for hiring,recontracting staff for u23 and u18. he was hiring staff until some point and then he just stoped. for some time i had no physios for u18 team at all. my conclusion about game glitching, and considering u23 and u18 staff as first team, comes from message inbox about expiring contracts of that staff members. when i press button to give away responsibilities, on the list there is only part for first team even tho all staff is not first team staff. short transaltion, it's my name as person deciding about contracts of first team staff members, there is nothing about u18 and u23.
  9. yes they are nuts often but from experience in FM, board rarelly sacks you if you can get league title. in the end that is most iportant title.
  10. might be bug in game, my board and players are unhappy because we don't fight for trophy... after 12 games in season
  11. hello mate. well tbh you don't have much choice but pick team from lower league and lead them to top division and trophys.
  12. just got meassage in box that one of my best players Yuri Tielemans is not happy with me, and i't my fault that club is not fighting for any trophy, similiar message i get from board about club strategy, they're dissapoointed we won't fight for trophy. problem is that i'm still in all possible competitions, i'm 2nd in table, just 2 points behind. and i'm not even in middle of season. that's a proper game breaking problem, it can lead to losing best players and job. save from before inbox message uploaded under name: Michal Walenciak - Leicester comp.fm
  13. does stronger foot works in favour on AMC position? i mean AMCR would do better with right/left foot stronger, or it won't make any difference.
  14. yes and yes plus when you feel like you're strong enough to push without bad consequences.
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