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  1. Of course they would praise. I've seen managers come out say how pleased they are despite a loss many times. I'm sure that in the dressing room there is a lot of praise. Hammer Barca away and go in at half time and your not going to be like you weren't bad but... No it would be more along the lines of - been great out there. keep doing what you are doing because you are beating them in every area except the score. That move back to front that split them open 5 times was a joy. Everyone is doing great. I've been in dressing rooms when we've been losing and the manager has praised us before. "But a manager will never praise a team losing 0-2 against any team no matter how well they have played." Impossible to say even if you were a real life Mourinho and You never had, doesn't mean others haven't. People are different, approaches are different and team talks are different depending on the person. Low block a lose now? No. Perhaps not. Although in every season I have simmed so far with a LLOE it has resulted in the manager being sacked which is effectively losing right? My initial comment on the thread was that if you were to simulate HLOE vs LLOE 9 times out of 10 Gegen would finish higher. So far it's 3-0. I can't be arsed to keep going.
  2. If we are going on pure realism of simulation then if any team were to absolutely destroy Barca away playing breath taking football then they would receive praise - a lot of praise. If you score a 1v1 does it log as a ccc now it has been scored? I don't think it does. Did you see what happened to Genoa using fluid? Gegen still the 'win button'
  3. Problem solved. Cracked the park the bus... Edit. Sissoko scored 2 screamers. How unrealistic!
  4. Thanks for the offer but it's ok. I'll just do what I always do, keep clicking different things and eventually something works. This is the totally random nature of this fantastic game. I've drawn against Bournemouth at home but then beat Chelsea away so I must be doing something right. Just lost 4-0 to Barca away with 56% possession 17 shots, 10 shots on target, 3 CCCs, 5HCs. Played beautiful football. Seriously expansive sexy football. Praised at half time losing 2-0, praised at full time lost 4-0 praised defense, midfield and attack. Player ratings were low 6's even though they were exceptional in every department. Quit the game loaded it back played it again and won 2-0 without a single change. NIIIIIIIICE! Football Manger! ;0
  5. Bob was sacked in December using the fluid counter LLOE. It was a highly recommended preset for their team too.
  6. Thanks for your response. I was merely using this to state that everyone is likely doing this. Everyone with a little football experience that is. The point I'm making is it doesn't always work. The solutions I have tried to win the games I can't win haven't worked. It's just me seeking perfection I guess. You can't win every game right? The frustration is that I find no solution or change to what I'm seeing on the pitch. My players go from world beaters to Barrow and there seems to be no changes I can make. I just have to take the draw/loss
  7. This is of course important but it doesn't always make a successful team either. I'm sure most people who are avid football fans, and most who play FM as much as us I dare say are, know what this looks like. It doesn't always transfer to success. If a defense is slow but physically strong and tall and good at heading what would common sense and knowledge of football tell you? If a winger has 20 for dribbling but cant cross for toffee, what should his instructions be? Similarly, if a team is blocking all your shots and passes and stifling your attacking movement, what does common sense tell you to do? Play wider? Cross more? Use the wing backs to get forward? The game doesn't always reward the right response... I only have to look back to FM05 (i think), an EPIC network game at college. I was AC Milan, My mate was Juventus. He had the perfect balanced 4/5/1 when 4/5/1 was the Brick Lane of trendy formations. I set up with 4-3 cm - 1amc - 2strikers I signed Tomas Rosicky (the year before Arsenal signed him, I knew about him lol.) We absolutely smashed everything. I won the quadruple playing a ridiculous formation and style. He finished second with the balanced realistic tactic. We put it down to AC Milan having gattuso and pirlo (he chose first lol) but still the tactic was on paper far more unbalanced than his.
  8. Tactics which should work don't and ones which shouldn't often do... I mean this was my Leverkusen tactic which won the league. Should I have won the league with this team? Certainly not. What was it about this tactic that was so successful? I switched between cautious and positive mentality. 32 goals from Volland!!! It's insane.
  9. To be honest though I haven't played any of the top 6 yet and have only played 6 games.
  10. I find that having 3 very differing tactics allows you to have familiarity in a lot of styles so you can adapt to the situation. I'm quite good at adapting mid game, as you can see, I'm 1st. I've had success elsewhere in this iteration too. Weymouth got to league 1, Boavista finished 4th then 6th and Got back to back promotions with Bradford. Won the league with Leverkusen 1st season. Got Swansea promoted in my first season with them too. What I can't find a solution to however, is overcoming the park the bus, tight marking that Bournemouth, Brighton and other teams use in this game.
  11. The Spurs top of the league one is the fourth one.
  12. These aren't for the same team lol. I just loaded them all onto the one team. This is with multiple teams.
  13. True. Although you could also argue that the LLOE tactic got sacked on both occasions. I'll do another one tomorrow. What is clear is that the preset Catenaccio is not the tactic to go for it seems
  14. I honestly didn't want to cause so many problems. :/ It's not 'scripted' and everything that happens in the ME, happens completely organically. It may feel it at times, but it is just your tactics. Regarding, simulation (on a personal level) produces more favourable results than playing through the ME. That's all I wanted to say. Edit: And more realistic results too.
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