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  1. I came to find the beta release date but it seems a date hasn't been given then by the posts I'm reading
  2. You've already ordered but I believe Shopto is still the cheapest.
  3. I ordered the PC version from shopto, I'm not going to get the Xbox version any more.
  4. I haven't managed a big club since around FM14 and I've got the urge to manage a giant for the new release. I'll probably go for the EPL and I think Man United will probably be the team I start with as they are the biggest mess right now considering their size however AC Milan is also tempting.
  5. I don't know who you should manage but I have a similar dilemma. I'm going to start a new game to play until FM21 is released but I'm torn between managing Nottingham Forest, Sheffield Wednesday or Aberdeen.
  6. Diamond geezer, I've ordered that! It's smashing price regardless nevermind for a pre order
  7. Two people quoted me in the same thread but when I try and navigate there I get this page
  8. Oh you buggers 😂 I've been waiting for the normal PC release date and I'm delighted it's been announced but an Xbox one release, you bloody buggers 😂 I think I'll get the Xbox version and smash that over the holidays and then I'll get the PC version after the January transfer window update when it's on sale. Basically forcing me to buy two versions, sneaky gits 😂😂😂
  9. Regarding the topic title I wouldn't say the game is too easy. I've had great success, struggles too and I do have varying degrees of success and failure. I think it's a well balanced game especially if you play the game in a realistic way.
  10. The most hours I spent on FM was 14 however I remember 12 with the most fondness. I am really enjoying 19 but I've moved to Touch since 17. Also there should be a poll.
  11. I'll definitely buy it if the current way of life remains as it is as I've really enjoyed FM19. I actually came to the site to find the release date so at present I will buy it. If life goes back to normal though I'll probably wait for next year's edition, I tend to purchase one edition every 2-3 years and usually when I can get it for around £20.
  12. Can you ask him his preference? If not then signing any former team mate should hopefully work.
  13. I get frustrated at some board decisions and agents too, it would be nice if there were some game options to toggle so we could just manage as we see fit without board interference but then that wouldn't be a realistic simulation would it?
  14. I've found it easier than it should be I feel although I haven't done lower League for some time now.
  15. I was wondering what the plans were for fm21 with regards to the pandemic situation and the football calendar schedule? Will the covid situation be implemented in the game so no fans in stadiumsor will it be covid free? Will the normal transfer window be in the game or this late extended one? If the game has covid how will you decide on when fans return or will you have regular updates keeping in line with the real world?
  16. This thread has inspired me to play FM again for the first time in a few months, it's a good read. Sorry to hear about the loss as well, condolences.
  17. I thought this was referencing all the Champions League winners I'm seeing on twitter, so many have won the CL after around 10-15 seasons with non League clubs, there is no way these people are doing it legitimately. As for the question in hand, I'm almost 30 seasons in to my current save but am ready for a new long term, my saves usually last a minimum of 15 seasons.
  18. I haven't loaded it but isn't it via the match screens? Try to navigate via: League >>> Matches >>> Select the match / attend match.
  19. Off the top of my head it's c/documents/sports interactive/games then your saved games are in there. Also if you struggle then just load up the game on your old PC and save the game to the cloud instead of locally, doing this you won't need to transfer files yourself and you can simply access your saved game from any PC that you sign into steam / FM with.
  20. I think he's comparing the PC you linked to what you're using and the PC you're using now is better than everything you've been looking at, any reason you can't use what you've got or upgrade that rather than get a new rig?
  21. What league and dB setup are you going to use when you play? & What PC / laptop were you previously using for comparisons sake and were you happy with the speed your previous PC processed at?
  22. 442 is my favourite real life formation but I've struggled for years now on FM with it, have you found success doing 442? 4231 is my favourite to play FM to win but I'd really like to make 442 work.
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