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  1. I reuploaded the file,I hope I succeded and it's there, the filename should be newall2020proba.fm
  2. Hi Kyle, I haven't finished the season yet where this problem occurs, but I uploaded now my save to SI Cloud server. The filename is newall2020proba This problem happens to three of my teams, Gladbach, Leverkusen and Lazio. Thanks in advance for your help,
  3. Hi, I have encountered the problem in FM2020 that the game doesn't record the results of the some of the matches that my teams played, like for example on the screenshot below, the game against Frankfurt was already played, before the matches against Regensburg, Bayer Leverkusen, etc., and the result is for some reason not recorded: does anyone have the same problem or know of any solutions to this issue? Thank you,
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