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  1. Are there any significant differences between the Android and the PC version of the game? I have been playing the Touch demo on my laptop to see how it runs (pretty well happily) but would rather play on tablet. Without a demo or trial option for android all I can do is buy the game but seems a bit of a risk in case of slow or leggy performance  (I have a Samsung S5e which is one of the compatible devices).

    Cheers if anyone can offer any advice or help!

  2. Thank you for your answer. 

    I may try and buy the game and play the game for an hour...if it doesn't work I'll request a refund on Google Play store. I believe there is 2 hours you have before you miss this option. 

    Try before you buy will be my motto!



  3. On 24/12/2019 at 14:04, fm10 said:

    Hi guys

    This topic to advice you that on my tablet

    - The game suffer lagging in 3d mode also with Samsung  game launcher, please fix this bug. 

    - Borderline in 3d mode flashing all match long and it's really boring to play match with them (and lagging)

    - Please check pitch size in some stadiums (e.g. Monopoli Italy C/C is unwatchable in 2d mod)  

    Thank you

    (my tablet is in devices list)


    I got the S5e tablet for Christmas so was hoping to get Touch 20. From your experience would you recommend it? Nothing stresses me out more than a game that doesn't give you the desired experience that you would hope for or expect!  

    Thanks, Dave.

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