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  1. Champions with Deportivo - 6th season. Using Ceber V5
  2. I stay with the same tactic throughout each game with the exception of Shield Wall to see the game out. If I go 3 games without a win I switch to Annihilator and vice versa
  3. Hey mate. I use instant result so don't change much. I do set a match plan to use shield wall if winning by 1+ goals at 70 mins and at any time if 3 goals up.
  4. All you need to do is set team instruction to narrow in possession for the Raptor tactic. Play left foot winger on right and right foot winger on left.
  5. @andre62 @smlrch1892 @Alf.Pacino :D Not my tweak guys. It's on page 66
  6. 4th season - combination of the Raptor tweak and Annihilator. All played with Instant Result with the Tackle Harder PI removed. Current team put together with £20m. Predicted to finish 7th after a 9th and 8th placed finishes the previous 2 years. Superb.
  7. @Totalfootballfan hey mate have you tried using man marking with your tactics this year? For Ceber I've been using the AMC to man mark the opponents DLP/DM and it's working wonders. Manged to finish 2nd with Deportivo 2nd season. I know you've used this in the past.
  8. League and Champions League double with Annihilator. Time for a new challenge with the new tactic.
  9. After struggling domestically last season I cleaned up this year. Domestic treble using Executioner. Looking forward to trying the new tactic mate.
  10. Strange one for me. Nowhere near good enough in the League compared to Executioner (100+ points) but it did land me the Champions League that I couldn't get near before Will try another season
  11. League and cup double using Executioner V4. Looking forward to trying the new tactic. Hopefully it will help me in Europe as haven't even managed a semi final so far
  12. Lost the league on the last day Man City put me out of 4 competitions! Used Executioner V2 for most of the season then V3 the last few games. Still performed really well.
  13. 2 seasons undefeated. Also got a run in the Champion's League beating Liverpool and United before losing to Juve in the semis. Well done TFF another game breaking tactic
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