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  1. Nope. I haven´t changed the location. I tried to restore "overwritten" save files with the software "recuva" and i wasn´t able to find one that was working as well :/
  2. CroApu save overwrite backup.fm and 3 files called CroAPu Red Bull Barcelona (with different versions)
  3. I still have those issues. Is there nothing you could do for me ?
  4. Nothing special happend. Everything was proper. Yes, i first closed the game and made an "normal" save game. I read those instructions and tried to revocer my overwritten files, but they are causing the same issues and can´t be loaded....
  5. I played last time on 30.12.2019 and saved the game as usually. Then i wanted to play today again and then i had the error "The save game could not be loaded". So then i just tried the other save games (3 Save games (automatically) + "last save overwrite backup")) and i had the same problem with all my save games . Is there anything i could do to rescue my Season 2023/2024 save game?
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