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  1. I had at least x4 save files, one was called Serie A, I have tried searching and there is nothing similar towards it
  2. I don’t know what you mean by operating system but I can tell you it’s a Lenovo laptop, sorry I’m not very technical:/
  3. I have no other files on my laptop as this is used solely for FM, so only the fm files will have been affected
  4. When I loaded up FM, it usually shows the career what was last played, but it said no current game, and in the load game section there was nothing.
  5. Hi, my logo pack had gone but I have replaced them but all my save files have gone from my sports interactive files has no saved data in the games file.
  6. Last night I saved and quit from a career I had, I waited til the game completely closed down before turning my laptop off, to then find this morning that all my downloaded stuff, e.g, faces, real fixtures, logos etc have gone including all my save files, please can anyone help.
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