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  1. The further improvement on free kicks , this is for all types of free kicks , including direct and non direct?
  2. In other words your highest player with free kick taking thats not the AMC or Striker got it.
  3. Hey there lad , who do you recommend take the free kicks in the new setup?you have corner takers set as wingers but no suggestions for the free kick takers. Also in the setup I see all the outfield players are assigned so again that could use some clarification.
  4. Lad there is no individual training specified specifically for raptor v4 and I dont recommend you use it either. Since raptor v4 far more efficient systems have been developed such as cerber v4 , and annihalator. As you see in the post the training for cerber v4 is just by the roles in the tactic so probably just set the players to the roles of raptor v4 if u insist on using it... I should also note that if I recall correctly raptor v4 was oriented for 20.2 patch and the never tactics are specifically oriented for this patch.
  5. Lad could you just manually upload a screenshot of the new throw in system so we can put it in ourselves if we like? Do you recon its the same throw in systems on all formations?
  6. Wow there lad , I hope it gets release asap looking forward to see how it does.
  7. AMC to CM and in what role lad??and how did u come up to this tactical renovation? I suggest if you want to hold to a result use the TFF shield wall
  8. Show us screenshot of the league table and game status making sure no editors used..
  9. If you have players already on yellows remove the tackle harder individual instruction or make a sub.
  10. As I mentioned in the reply I have a desire to but the beef aside , as long as the user doesn't instigate any more beef with me there are no more issues
  11. Lad first of all I want to say I have a desire to put our beef aside but that can only be achieved if you show more patience and tolerance and not try to desperately push your opinion through. "and even if I did" why can't you at least be man enough to say straight up that you did? Lets clarify a few things. When TFF makes a statement about a tactic such as estimating efficiency improvements , removing old less efficient tactics etc, TFF (as he expained on numerous occasions before) uses OBJECTIVE TESTING METHODS to ESTABLISH THE EFFICIENCY AND STATISTICS ABOUT A TACTIC.He doesn't go by what "other people told him" or his opinion but rather measured numbers. I understand ever so clearly now why tff tests in FIXED conditions such as freezing all morale /fatique jadedness etc. I never say anythang without a reason. EVERYTHANG I say has a reason and EVERYTHANG I say has a justification and EVERY argument I make is based on objective facts.On the other the arguments I've seen you make are based on your "opinion" and your subjective thoughts and ideas. Lets agree to disagree. All I am suggesting is you don't respond to my posts further or at least if you do stay humble about yourself and don't use you "achievements" to justify your credibility as you CLEARLY and BLATANTLY did and aren't even man enough to admit. Just stay humble and use facts to argue instead of your opinions. Thanks.
  12. Lad here's the problem: While everything tff says might not necessarily be true one must choose who's words to believe based on my own judgement of the credibility of a person. When it comes to judging what tff says I give him benefit of doubt over ANYTHANG that you say. Again: just because tff say it doesn't mean its true doesn't mean it isn't also the other way around : just because you say it doesn't mean its true. Also check your inbox and read the message I wrote to you in private and kindly stop boasting about your "achievements" to try to warrant yourself credibility.
  13. I was just calmly cutting to the Chase lad thats all..
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