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  1. Ehm this is not the first or last time a simular question was asked lad but as tff said all roles are optimized and nothing should be tweaked (unless you want the tactic to do worse than what it does).
  2. I must say the park the bus version of the tactic does seem to work good..However the attacking version when pushing for a goal I think needs improvement. I was not once been able to push a goal and just usually conceded when switching to the attacking in stale draws.
  3. kadioglu developed really well and had 12 goals and 6 assists in the bundesliga last season 7.03 average rating unfourtunately for me ahmed kutuku was pretty rubbish last season and will be sold now
  4. no lad tff tactics dont use mezellas so i want to know which role can fit with the most Efficient formation not how u play him..
  5. Hello tff we have loaned in Ilaix Moribia what is the best way to use him in your opinion? Im thinking deep lying playmaker but he has physicality for box to box too
  6. For the first time ever since 20.2 I managed to qualify for CL the first season with a newly promoted side. This was the squad used:
  7. In that case can u try and come up with an improved throw in setup specifically for executioner?
  8. ok i switched to v2 for now but we should still have everythang further tested out to confirm the new throw ins Ass btw climbed to first for now.. hopefully when in the bundesliga i wont be the first to get RELEGATED with all these new tactical masterpieces lad
  9. if thats the only difference surely just the mere throw in can't ruin the tactical efficiency that much? as u said more testing might be needed to confirm , i wanted to have the tactic tested on fm arena to compare can u keep v3 just in case u are wrong with the assertion?
  10. Im trying v3 with st pauli now and its going ok but i think in the bundesliga itll turn Ass like u say.. was there anything in the v3 tweaked besides setpieces??roles look same btw there a v4 out already??didnt saw it edit^^: is it same as v2???
  11. Hello having checked the corner attacking set up i noticed both winger and shadow striker is set to stay back if needed so is it also possible for shadow striker take corner instead of the winger?
  12. you s predicted 20th and 18th? cos thats overachievement lad u should be bouncing up and down excitement!
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