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  1. @Totalfootballfan Annhiliator or fighter v2 is best mate?
  2. @Totalfootballfan Do the attacking midfielders both have to be the more attack minded ones in the filters. Or can we retrain CM's, Also retrainng the Cerber V3 CM's for the DLP role if you get me. Or which type of players would we need for each of the midfield roles mate? Thanks for all your hard work, i never thought Cerber V3 could have been improved on lol! Good job my man!
  3. I want to know if anyone can tell me from experience whether ticking all (300k plus) Database or 150k ish, is there much difference in game speed? Im being lazy not checking myself but I want the best experience with a still relatively quickish processing time. Also whether you need to add all the leagues when you have all 300k players loaded or would it be ok just to pick sayt just one league that you start in if you dont plan to move clubs. Would all the players be in game or would you need to add more leagues to get them all? Thanks in advance guys!
  4. How do you request team report mate? Im currently Alfreton Town and this sounds like it will help!
  5. @Totalfootballfan Hey man how do you set up the balanced training? DO you pick no matches 1 match or two match, im not sure how to set it up, thanks in advance!
  6. So how do we get the players natural for the positions if they have different individual training like you say in the OP?
  7. Basically as the title sqays, i am currently scouting Europe but i want to scout World, and i cant see where to change it!
  8. @Totalfootballfan Do you take the AMC off if you get a red card mate?
  9. I know I have probably overlooked this somewhere but is there anywhere I can see when its a players 50th or 100th game for the club. Or their 50th or 100th goal for the club etc? I know its in the commentary sometimes but is there anywhere else in game it shows you. I would like to see the milestones before a match if you know what I mean.
  10. Antony, young Brazilian, and hes Brazilliant! lol You need to retrain him but hes young so it works quick mate Also Omur, hes a young Turkish player and he also needs retrained but hes a real talent.
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