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  1. TFF, do you have an idea when you should replace a player? Let's say u would replace a player if he has less then 75% condition? Or you think a player should be replaced because he is having a hard time?
  2. TFF, i would like to understand more about the way you choose your players? Because u have so many cases that they really have a nice PA, but let's say if you look at their atributes... u have pace 11, or accelaration 11 Can you plse expand your thoughts about this plse. thanks
  3. There is one thing i don't get it. why do you guys prefer beta version? It isnt the outdated version? the updated version is always the retail version rigth? do you know how long its gonna take to release the last update?
  4. TFF what do you think is it more important CA or atributes? Because we can have a player with more CA then the best player with those certain atributes? Do you understand what i mean? REgards
  5. CAn you ask for testing the original from TF, to compare with yours?
  6. which one is yours? and i would like to see raptor on this testing league. for me seems the best testing league till now.
  7. and about training schedules TFF, do u think that can also improve win possibilitY?
  8. Yes, that's truth i've noticed that... i also noticed when i rotate some players tactic lose some "quality", dont you think?
  9. normally, i use IR... and that's difficult to control, even to set the best foot for the forwards its kind difficult....
  10. thanks for the explanation. So you think there's no need to have different tactics? or different mentality?
  11. TFF, Do you think raptor has the same win possiblility at home or away? What is your thought about this? I've heard some people saying that fm20 has differents aproach at home or away. thanks
  12. so if you say that raptor is more attacking than zeus, do you think that can possibly be better at home and zeus away?
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