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  1. about the new post you created about training?
  2. hi, tff still no improvements about training? regards
  3. do you think should be easier to rotate at home? what do you think?
  4. lets say according to your filters you think that DC should have 14 as accelaration do you think that is average or decent?
  5. tff can you explain which number of atributes do you consider as an average one, or high or decent?
  6. TFF any idea how to select national teams? using atributes?
  7. **** it's too less dont to give it a try dont you think?
  8. TFF, do you have any tactic with 3 defenders with high efficiency rate? and 4-1-3MC-2, or 4-3MC-1-2 with high efficiency ?
  9. TFF, i can tell you that this is one of the most interesting topics man... those last 2 answers, that's really interesting. thanks TFF
  10. i've confirmed this, and you're rigth.. i believe that my AM thinks that my sub Forward is better then the one i leave in First XI, and that 's why he makes that sub often
  11. TFF, have you noticed that your CF scores less in IR? or is just with me?
  12. yes, that's truth... but you can create different types of MP, you can create 1 let's say to play against hard teams, or away and another to play at home, or against lower teams
  13. For me the hard situation i believe it's to create the best MP... i'm still improving
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