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  1. Great results with Pilgrimage 2341 P105 with Tottenham. Harry Kane was injured for half the season with an ACL. Parrot and Dele picked up the slack, I let the AI deal with transfers
  2. About 53% possession which is good for Bournemouth. I played liverpool 3 games in a row, 2 were back to back EPL games and one was the Carabao cup final, I used big away for all 3 of those games. Beat Arsenal 4-0 and City too which was nuts. I always struggling against city on FM
  3. Won the league and Carabao cup with Bournemouth using Hard Time Killing Floor Blues 4132 P104 EC FA tactic and BIG AWAY for big away games. Crazy ****ing season
  4. First time I have won the league with spurs using plug and play/holiday. Best formation I have used so far. I even went 20+ games unbeaten beating Liverpool 2-0 and City . I will test with other teams and see
  5. Is everyone using 20.2.4 on FMT or FM? Because my FMT is still on 20.2.3 and doesn't want to update.
  6. Anyone playing beta on Touch? I can only get it to work on Full game
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