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  1. Sorry can’t do that on my iPad I think the best thing is to forget it not happy with game didn’t have all these problems on fm20 touch the whole game needs a serious sorting out you have our money provide a working game you have a whole year to develop a new game if it can’t be done in a year I suggest you look at finding people who can cheers Bob Elliott
  2. Has anyone else had problems with trying to loan players my forum response has dried up still waiting for answers I think customer help is very poor think this will be my last purchase of fm touch
  3. Hi Harry thanks for getting back to me on my spurs game I went back to an earlier save and it was ok on my Plymouth game I went back to an earlier save and it was the same no loan available. I started a new game with Plymouth and it was ok the problem is I will have lost my purchases to boost my bank balance or will I be able to restore my purchases thank you bob
  4. Hi I’m afraid it is still the same I am using an iPad version iOS 9.3.5 fully updated . no matter what player I select. The loan offer is shaded the transfer offer is bright lite up. I would delete the game and start again but I have made a lot of bank balance purchases if I delete can I restore my purchases hope you can help thank you bob
  5. No matter who I click on on as a player there is no option to select a loan the loan option is not highlited if I quit to start screen and select a new game I have the loan option it’s like something is disabled but I have tried everything nice if you could help thanks
  6. I cant select any player for loan I have purchased no transfer window and no loan restrictions but still not able to get any loans
  7. What button do you press to bring up context menu/tool tips it shows a button in preferences but I can’t find it
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