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  1. Hi, I’m considering getting the Editor for FM20 Mobile, but I don’t want to have to repeatedly edit the players for every new save, so when I edit an attribute will it always be the same throughout every save I make? Additional question, can you change the expectations of the board, for example a team who got relegated in real life are expecting to come mid table in the game, which is sooo hard, can I change that? Thanks
  2. Oh right ok, so I shouldn’t always go for the best rated, because the attributes can change how they play?
  3. Does ability totally define a player or does the attributes for the player matter? For example would a 76 rated striker with 12 finishing and 11 off the ball be better than a 73 rated striker with 14 finishing and 15 off the ball?
  4. Even though I don’t understand the in game editor (I don’t understand how all stats can be 20 but the player is still only two star), I wish it was on FM Touch. I know this is regularly requested, but I’d like to emphasise that the game doesn’t feel realistic sometimes due to some of the players’ traits (like being inconsistent) and stats. Also, I believe player traits (for example being determined, ambitious, consistent, professional) should be open to be edited in the in game editor. These actually make quite a big change as stats alone can’t change a player.
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