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  1. Just windows defender. it is quite annoying.. i have given up all together on the game because of this. :/
  2. Hey Neil. Only had time to properly try this out today. Well after extensive testing it doesn't help at all. The connection drops so much that even typing this answer (while the game is running and steam is offline) is laggin all over. Even the speedtest site has trouble loading. :/
  3. Speedtest (http://beta.speedtest.net/). I have head other players complaining of the same thing. For example it is impossible to stream video from the web while running the game. Should be easy to replicate in office. The speed drops to 10% while running the game and picks up imediatley when the game closes. We were discussing if it could be Denuvo trying to to the security checks...but in my case it is the demo I have the issue with so it doesn't make a lot of sense. I also wondered if it could be in the game adversiting but it's not a new thing and on FM17 it didn't drag the internet connection.
  4. Hey guys, I am testing out the open demo of the game and everytime i turn the game on internet speeds grinds to a halt. I mean i go from 100-300MB/s to 10-30... Is this a know bug/issue? Being fixed? I am always watching something online while playing FM and this puts me off buying the game :/
  5. It's also happened to me and yes i did Alt+tab out of the screen. Only solution so far is to quit and restart, quite a severe issue.
  6. I understand were you are coming from but in my opinion this wouldn't be the case. (i obviously don't agree with the patch coment as IMO there are a lot of improvements to the game each year) League structure doesn't change too much over the years, in fact if there's a major change it's about once every 10 years. What does change is that the players move and that can be easily edited already, and still it doesn't afect the sales. Hopefully a league structure editor/creator will come soon to the FM franchise (that or all the playable leagues in the world , although i would still want to be able to create a superleague )
  7. I've (and a lot of us) asked for this before. SI have issues with the game crashing a lot if it's us creating the leagues. But i think that it would be possible if somehow they could code the league structure in a different way that it would make each part/rule "separate items" that we could then bundle togheter to make your custom structure. Then maybe we could have an editor were you would pick. League: 3 levels 16 teams per level 3 teams go up and 3 go down. 7 subs 5 fgn players per squad 1 game ban on 5 yellow cards etc. We are probably asking for too much right now...but someday in the future hopefully SI will give this to us.
  8. unsure if this has been said. I would like to see more interaction with player over transfer. For example some one comes bid for your start player in december, i would like to be able to refuse but tell him i'll sell him at the end of the year (this would then go into his "was promised" i don't think this is in the game now.
  9. Long thread not sure if this as been mentioned: Being able to custom build your own leagues with the editor. By this i mean from scratch with your own set of rules and not over another leagues layout. After a lot of regular games many of us end up editing custom leagues to have fun before the new version comes out. being able to build custom leagues would be fab.
  10. did a thread before but not sure if this as been mentioned since this is 13 pages long, one thing i would like to see is: -in the editor the possibility to create a custom league with a custom set of rules.
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