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  1. Thanks for the replies. You make some interesting points Rashidi (big fan of your channel btw!). By aggressive I meant high pressing, seemingly higher mentality, with full backs bombing up and defenders on the half way line. It just seemed a little out of character for some of the weaker PL sides. To be honest I play exclusively in the PL so it might be a local phenomenon since there is a lot of money flowing and squads are stronger. You can also definitely tell when the AI flips a switch at 60 minutes and starts to attack you. It does make the game more challenging though, which I like (as long as I'm winning ). On the long ball point, I have focused my recruitment on pacey defenders such as Chris Mepham, Tyrone Mings and Ben Godfrey who have around 15 pace/acceleration and decent mentals, but they still get done over the top regularly. It might be because almost every PL striker also has 15+ pace. But even the slower ones just seem to get a head start on the CBs with a nicely timed run and then there is no catching up. I am a big fan of vertical compactness so I despise dropping the d-line while maintaining a high LOE. It stretches the team out too far. That's why I begrudgingly play with a mid or low block nowadays. I do think there should be an element of risk associated with playing with a higher or much higher d-line, but they should maybe tweak their accuracy a touch? If the other day's IRL City vs Leicester game happened in this version of FM, Vardy would have scored about 5 when in reality he only got through on goal once. City were playing with a much higher d-line and a much higher LOE. I do understand that this is a game and not a simluation but these are just my thoughts.
  2. Has anyone noticed how mid-table and relegation battling teams use aggressive tactics more than they used to in previous iterations of the game? I expected this in the first couple of seasons in my Norwich save as I too was a small team. Fast forward about 4 years and I have a solid top 6 squad and 4 star reputation, but teams like Watford and Palace are pressing me like mad especially when I'm away. I tend to struggle for possession (about 50-50) unless I max out my d-line (how I always used to play in the past) but that now means conceding 4-5 ccc's from balls over the top per half. Opposing managers commonly have a vertical tiki-taka or gengen styles which seems to override considerations such as their teams quality and league position when it comes to match day playstyle. I've resorted to giving up the possession battle, dropping the d-line and playing a more counter attacking style - which is quite effective. However this is not what I have built my squad to do and is not really how I want to play. It sort of breaks the immersion - imagine a team like Arsenal having to play a low block against Burnley. Tldr; it would be more realistic if crap teams parked the bus more (home and away). Sidenote: just want to repeat that cb laser guided long balls are infuriating. Cheers!
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