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  1. I just want to note that if I press on the Staff tab (for nation) and then responsibilities, it's fully empty and cannot assign anything to anyone, even though Holland has coaches, assistants, etc... Not so sure if that is normal in a national job
  2. Hey again, I noticed that this happens to me whenever I have a dual job on. Whenever the assistant offers advice and then I press the button to apply it, it behaves as if it's working but it's not. It will add that sentence "the selection was taken/applied etc.. buttons removed but the colors of the positions are still green as if nothing changed. I check the tactics and players did not rotate. When I resign from the national job, it works perfectly again. I tried again accepting the Holland job without assigning any of my tactics and it still bugged out. You could try skipping few days and then assigning to yourself any national job using the editor or a random application and see if it happens.
  3. EDIT: I tried without even loading a tactics for holland, and the team selection advice did not work. It simply stops working whenever I have a dual job (club+nation) and sometimes bugs out to work for the nation. Whenever I quit the national job, it works perfectly again.
  4. Summary: The team selection advice (great feature and I am loving it) is not working proprely anymore and that's due to being the manager of a club AND a nation in the same time. I would like to note this works for any case of dual job. Description of Issue: I started to notice that sometimes the team selection advice is not working at all, it does not replace the players or rotate them. When I tried to apply the changes that the assistant manager proposed, my club tactics did not change however, my nation tactics did change. So that's the bug, instead of it working for your club, it works for your national job. When I quit my national job after the world cup, it worked once again for my club. Steps to Reproduce: First put the save file and the tactics file in their respective directory. Launch FM20 and load the save. Accept the Holland job or assign yourself to any national job. You are now the proud manager of FC Utrecht and Holland. Go to holland tactics and load my tactics. Do not fill any player in any position. Continue and proceed a day before a game. The assistant manager of FC Utrecht will propose a team selection advice. Accept it and apply the changes. Go check club tactics, you will notice nothing changed. Go check holland tactics, you will find that a full selection was applied and every player was put to a role. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: -team selection advice bug not working.fm -Gegenpress flexible.fmf
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