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  1. Is it on the 'actions' menu when you're viewing a players profile? Does pressing 'R' bring ip the option to do it like it does if you want to move players between reserves and 1st team?
  2. I wouldn't mind if the retraining seemed sensible to improve the player but a lot of them don't make sense, seems like it's possibly a bug or if the assistant I have is just a bit wacky
  3. Yeah, I don't see that the training is affecting the players. When left in the assistant's hands so far all my attacking players attributes are becoming worse and my defenders Defending attributes are becoming worse! I've also delved further into it and I have my assistant retraining AMRs to play LB?? 😂. I have no idea why this is happening to be honest.
  4. @Neil Brock @Lucas @Alistair Skewes @Alex Pitt Guys, can you give any info on whether taking control of training or delegating actually makes a difference? Could there be another reason for players attributes suffering negatively from delegating to the assistant? It may be that I haven't looked into it in game in any detail but can you create training schedules for groups of players similar to the old FM mobile? (I.e defenders, midfielders, attackers etc?)
  5. So far I'm 8 games into the season (playing as Fiorentina in Serie A and unbeaten) but pretty much every player in my first team is seeing their attributes completely tanking. I've left the training delegated to the assistant and training facilities are average but surely this shouldn't lead to a complete deterioration in attributes for all players in the first team? On a side note, my reserve team gets smashed every game but their attributes haven't suffered with some actually developing and improving in areas. Do I need to take charge of the training and tailor it more to t
  6. I can't see where on the tactics screen how familiar my players are with the current tactic. I can only see the intensity of the tactic. Has this been stripped out of the touch version of the game?
  7. @Deany32 @senni101 You need to hit the R button when on the players profile to open the actions menu to be able to move the player between squads
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