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  1. Squad training and building is a breeze. I'm identifying weaknesses, filling the gaps, bringing in talent... and giving them games so that they gel. I managed to squeeze 16 friendlies in for Leipzig (won 14, lost 2), but as soon as the season starts its yellows and reds all over the show and like they've never met each other. My Wednesday team, after I got them promoted, struggled in mid-table for four years. Now I'm not expecting to turn them into Liverpool or Man City, but there was next to no progress. Even after building up a healthy transfer kitty and buying better quality players, t
  2. This is the most frustrating version of FM or CM I have ever played! The idea is to get your players to adapt a system, train hard and accept a philosophy. You can have a great or even steady pre-season, leaving you with optimism for the competitive games. But it seems as soon as you start the year it all goes out of the window. I've had saves with Sheffield Wed (my team), Newcastle, Ajax and Leipzig; aside from Wednesday (who I got promoted and stayed four years in the Prem), each save has been a catalogue of misery. I've tried pretty much every tactic in this thread, with varying success. No
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