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  1. Squad training and building is a breeze. I'm identifying weaknesses, filling the gaps, bringing in talent... and giving them games so that they gel. I managed to squeeze 16 friendlies in for Leipzig (won 14, lost 2), but as soon as the season starts its yellows and reds all over the show and like they've never met each other. My Wednesday team, after I got them promoted, struggled in mid-table for four years. Now I'm not expecting to turn them into Liverpool or Man City, but there was next to no progress. Even after building up a healthy transfer kitty and buying better quality players, the results were still very hit and miss. A Carabao Cup game against Crewe - played a strong side, dominated the match, 30 shots, 15 on target - Crewe had 0 shots and won on pens. We've all had bad beats over the years but no matter how strong my side is or how weak the opponents are, it's still a coin toss whether I get any kind of result. I broke the Prem season record for discipline in January! Full-backs will get booked every game. Opposing goalkeepers with ratings of 6.5 or worse will suddenly turn into world beaters against me. I usually have to average 5/6 shots on target to score and then their donkey CD will knock a 70 yard pass into space for a 93rd minute winner. I know I sound bitter and there probably is a solution or two out there, but I'm really getting to the point where it's hard to care any more. It's just not enjoyable to play because EVERY match contains some unrealistic nonsense.
  2. This is the most frustrating version of FM or CM I have ever played! The idea is to get your players to adapt a system, train hard and accept a philosophy. You can have a great or even steady pre-season, leaving you with optimism for the competitive games. But it seems as soon as you start the year it all goes out of the window. I've had saves with Sheffield Wed (my team), Newcastle, Ajax and Leipzig; aside from Wednesday (who I got promoted and stayed four years in the Prem), each save has been a catalogue of misery. I've tried pretty much every tactic in this thread, with varying success. Nothing promotes consistency amongst the players. You can train individual roles, get the best staff, say and do all the right things and still it's a monumental struggle. I've had some great wins - 7:2 v Palace; an extra-time cup win v Arsenal; and some absolute shockers. But the hardest thing to cope with is the bookings, reds and injuries. Five+ bookings per game, even without Get Stuck In, reds after 2/3 mins, and you can have the deepest squad in every area bar one and bet your life both your first and second choice will get cruciate ligament or broken ankle injuries. I don't profess to be the greatest player of this game. I've only ever created two successful, but unpublished tactics, and generally rely on set-ups from the forums, but I've always enjoyed playing FM. It's marvellous escapism, but there has to be an element of fairness to it. I don't want or expect to win every game, even with Hazza's Match Engine Exploiter I never had 100% success, but I don't want to feel like my team have a chance no better than the toss of a coin. It's unfair and demoralising. And I'll go so far as to say that I doubt, unless there's a huge improvement, or step back to immensely playable match engines, that I'll ever buy another version of this game. I'm an old fart. I've been at this 'hobby' for years. All the way back to Brian Clough's Football Fortunes. But this is really, really frustrating to play.
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