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  1. Hi, someone tested tactics under ManUtd witch one is the best home and away?
  2. Hello everyone, I'm fascinated the Bayern game, can you help me choose the best tactics for this team? I mainly mean an offensive game with a lot of goals for my team. There are a lot of tactics here, I don't know how to find myself in it :/
  3. Cerber v3 every match, when i losing and when i need a goal i changing to Fury v1 in 60-70 minute. If i want to keep the lead i changing to Shield Wall v1 . In my team this combination working, i dont know how it work in your team
  4. 2 season Borussia Dortmund, it's awesome! 0 transfers except 1 left defender because my defender left the club. In first season won bundesliga, german supercup and german cup, busted in semi final with chelsea after 5 injuries.. Incredible results , Ty TFF!
  5. I play season 5 in Borussia, I win every match in league and group stage champions leage. When the knockout CL phase comes, I lose every game, it's so weird ...
  6. I hope that after the update you'll be a god like in FM 19, then i won every match Thanks for the great job <3
  7. Hi TFF, tomorrow I will start my career in Borussia Dortmund, which your tactics you recommend more and what in your opinion would be the strongest team without transfers? I will always be an admirer of your tactics <3
  8. Spirit 99? What is this I don't see such tactic, sorry for many questions, but I'm perfectionist and I want to try your way
  9. On away in bundes you used symphaty? You won CL in first season? Thanks for reply
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