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  1. Yes, same save with game patched to 20.4. I reuploaded the latest save (should have been, I accidentaly closed the tab, hours after starting the upload...), named "Ranger_Talca_TeamB_crash.fm"
  2. Hello support team, I uploaded the dump of the latest crash. I hope it can be helpful. The uploaded file name is FM 2020 v20.4.1.1363262 (2020.06.20 18.59.51).dmp
  3. Some new piece of information that may interest you: My staff suggests I assign a U19 player to the B team On the line U19 > B team When I put my mouse pointer on the U19 text, it displays some pop-up saying something like "U19 team" When I put it over the B team text, I get nothing It seems that when I accepted to create the B team, it wasn't really created. I think that (from my dev background) clicking on the assignment button triggers a null pointer exception or something like that.
  4. Thanks Tom for your feedback. It may not be the best FM experience (indeed). I tried to bring as much info as possible (I know a bit of the process since I'm a developer too ) Maybe creating a new fresh save (and not continuing a beta one) will "hotfix" that?
  5. Of course, mailbox empties itself regularly. I can only remember that the recommendation was made during the beta phase of the game and probably some 2-3 months into the save. Sorry if I cannot provide you with a clearer piece of info.
  6. Summary : When I assign a player to a newly created B team, the game freezes Description of Issue: This is based on a beta created save. My board (or whoever) suggested I create a B team to fill the gap between the A and the U19 teams. Fair enough, nice improvement of the game. I accept this suggestion. When I try to assign players to this B team, the game freezes (like the team I try to assign them to doesn't exist). Any of the actions I take on the attached screenshot triggers the freeze. The only way to come out of this freeze is to restart the game. St
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