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  1. however every time the notebook is restarted, the intel video driver is automatically installed by the operating system.
  2. yes, the screen can be stretched to the 4 corners, but when stretched it the screen is black, as the image.
  3. I have the same problem, I already downloaded the beta update, but the problem persists.
  4. I do not use custom graphics / skins / logos. I also deleted the folder from my documents when I installed the game again. I checked the files and the error persists.
  5. The game opens, but the screen goes black, so in the task manager it looks like the image above. The game was working until the last update. It gave this error, so I reinstalled the game and the error continued ...
  6. C:\Users\[Your Windows Username]\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\crash dumps this folder has not exist. I am reinstall the game yet
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