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  1. and always so;) is this just not good for me or how is it possible: D Cerber v3
  2. KNAP, can you advise? is your tactic better left with an offensive mentality, or follow the MENTALLITY MATTERS GUIDE (which is in your post after the tactics) and change mentality according to the situation?
  3. have 1 question:) if instant result match, tactics work, or result is just random?;]
  4. knap, can recommend away RB Leipzig tactic?. For home games i'm use beowulf 422:)
  5. can someone tell away (defensive and for hard game) RB Leipzig tactic?. For home games i'm use beowulf 422
  6. if im have 3 season (Begin path 20.2.24), now after update FM 20 my save game update too? Now i'm need tactic patch 20.3.0?;] And if i'm play beowulf 422, need w8 update tactic?;]
  7. knap, as Preachin Blues 4141 as a defensive tactic u mean vs top or top-sub teams or away games?;]
  8. Mr Knap, plz, if u can, tell me what tactic is the best for Wolverhampton Wanderers (Volves). Ty
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