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  1. No I don't even have an anti virus on atm. I took it off to try get FM 2020 to actually work. I'll get them when I can but this is so bad. So so bad.
  2. Yeah it's ridiculous tbh. Heard nothing since either I think refunds need to be issued. My rig can play anything so there is no excuse.
  3. Nothing. It says running on Steam but it never actually launches. I played it absolutely fine up until the newest update and now it won't play. I've deleted my cache files and stuff like I've seen online as well. Yeah I have the games folder there.
  4. I can't launch the game anymore... It was working fine up until this latest update. I have verified, reinstalled the game, reinstalled windows and the game will not launch anymore.... What the hell is happening. I want to FM
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