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  1. Yep I changed the role, even changed it to distribute to centre backs via short kicks instead of throwing to full backs yet my instructions seem to get ignored.
  2. Well having taken the feedback, I have changed goalkeeper distribution to centre backs with short kicks and yet he still does route one passes to striker and ends up with us conceding. It's definitely a match engine issue.
  3. My goalkeeper kicks the ball to my striker even though I've instructed him to throw it long to my full backs? Way to go SI!
  4. As far as I know from managing in serie A on fm20, you're only able to sign 2 non EU players a season, as for selling the people occupying the spots and not being able to register your new signings also happened to me I doubt it is a bug just that the Italian league has complicated rules.
  5. I was browsing the in game editor on steam and saw several bad reviews where they could not load it into the game, is that still an issue? Also what I want to know is are you able to use the editor if you're appearing offline on steam?
  6. I haven't played a long term save to reach the stage where regens come into the game so can someone explain what the issue is with regens/newgens I've seen many comments about this but don't know the exact issue people are referring to.
  7. hey @knap i've had great success with this tactic on fm20, any chance you could tweak it to fit the fm21 match engine, i haven't had much success with the 4-2-3-1 formations on the google docs. FM20.4.0BlackEcho4231knapP109FACC.fmf
  8. No need, I'm merely asking a question so no need to provide evidence, having said that, I have seen evidence of all the issues discussed above raised as bugs.
  9. Nope I don't think it's the best FM released, stats are missing, the UI is a downgrade, player conditions with hearts another bad addition, the match engine is flawed too, you tell your team to play out from defence or play short passes but both gks and cbs tend to play route one passes, ME is not as smooth as it was in beta and right now not much of an upgrade to fm20 tbh. Not to mention poor average ratings, the beta had promise but it's gone downhill from there.
  10. Does anyone have fm21 but have chosen to play a previous version of fm due to the dissatisfaction of the state of the current game? At this point I am no longer going to play 21 and go back to my fm20 save until major updates to fix the many flaws fm21 currently has.
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