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  1. I've now uploaded 14 seasons worth of amazing Football Manager 2020 goals. 2019 - 2032. Check them out. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMV3hMn4JKfnN48ToyD0omw/
  2. Well I tried to do the obvious experimental vids, which I really enjoyed creating, but I found the editing rather boring and constrictive. So, I changed my name of my YouTube channel from FM Leroy - to - FM GOALS. I have found that I really enjoy creating Goal of the Season compilations. I let FM20 play a season at a time and then find all the goals of the month awards and put them together in one compilation. My videos have slowly evolved into what I now feel are the best versions of all. If you enjoy watching FM goals and just want to watch outstanding goals, then you will e
  3. OK . Rebooting FM20 after every export was a success. Clearing the cache after each export did not work. So I have to reboot the game every time I export. Is there any plans to fix this? LEROY
  4. Hi guys and girels. Are the English league to only leagues that have goal of the month awards? I've just tried finding Goal of the Month in the Spanish league, but there is no option to view these. Cheers. Leroy
  5. Hi guys. Is there any way of avoiding this from happening. When I view my goals on FM20, everything looks fine. BUT... When I then view the exported video, I get lots of players all over the pitch. It doesn't happen on every video. But it is a little frustrating. Cheers Leroy
  6. Hey guys and girls. What would be the quickest way of watching all the Goals of the months from each English league? I really enjoy seeing great goals on FM and make short videos. My problem has been that when I just 'go on holiday' for a season I can't see the goals of the months. Where can I see goals of the month listed AND how do I get FM do record more match reports so I can actually see the goals themselves? Cheers. Leroy
  7. This is me >> FMLEROY TWITTER I post my best goals and random weird stuff I see whilst playing FM20
  8. I've decided to start a YouTube channel! >> FMLEROY YouTube Channel I've been playing Football Manager/Champ Man since 97/98. I also have a background in video editing, so a Football Manager YouTube channel seemed a perfect match for me. However, I'm not great on camera so I decided to concentrate mainly on producing 5-7 minute FM20 videos showcasing the best goals from each season I complete. So, after each game I export the goals if I think they will be included on my Best Goals of... video. I'm slowly getting views, but subscribers are few and far between. I
  9. Hi guys. I'm wondering whether you aware of an issue when exporting two versions of the same highlight using different camera angles. i.e. If I add the same goal to the highlights reel twice and then select the director camera for one version and then behind the goal for the other, I would expect to get that when I export the package. BUT what is happening at the moment is that I get the same goal twice from the same camera. I believe i always get two versions of the camera that is selected in the second version on the highlights reel. So if I wanted the first version to be in dir
  10. Hey guys. Just an update on this issue. I have successfully exported a highlight video on the latest version of FM20. BUT this time on my ancient Macbook Pro using MacOS High Sierra. My feeling is that FM20 video exporting is not compatible iOS Catalina is. It might be a 64bit issue?? At least I can save my game on the cloud whilst playing on my iMac and then load it up on my MacBook and then export the goals from the laptop. It's something for you guys to look into. All the best. Leroy
  11. I believe so. I had been exporting goal highlights no problem.
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