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  1. Hi So I started a new man United save again as my last save (10 seasons long) wouldn't load. Worked for 2 seasons then wouldn't load again. Just tried making a new save and save error came back and saves don't load again. How long should we expect this constant problem to carry on?
  2. I started a new save this morning and it seems to work. Saves and loads now. Had to start a new save 3 times before I didn't have any issues though.
  3. Thanks for the help. Was hoping would load it up this morning and would be fine haha. Now I suppose I'll have to do some work until it's fixed.
  4. I would rather be able to play the game tbh. How can there not be a way to play your game?
  5. None of my saves save or load. This is completely unacceptable. What is the point in playing the game when nothing works? How do I go about getting a full refund please?
  6. So not only have I wasted hundreds of hours on that save I can not now use FM as it continues to do it on any save I make? Brilliant
  7. So there is no way of me being able to now access my load game?
  8. Hi I'm still having this issue. And I can no longer load up my save which is 10 years deep. Just keeps coming up saying "the save game could not be loaded" Thanks Mark
  9. Hi Playing as Hull in championship, currently 2nd. Finding it really hard to get goals from my strikers though. Have play through the middle on. Any advice?
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