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  1. well I just have to do a review of the most popular comments ... I think it's quite revealing ... but hey, I trust that SI fixes it
  2. I understand that there are always bugs at the beginning. That's "normal" in all games ... But that these bugs are in key aspects (ME, analytics and statistics) is quite annoying, it could even be embarrassing to leave a game again with bugs and that next year I risk my money so that the same thing happens again This break the gaming experience and even more so when we are talking about a game that is based on that
  3. but this is very dangerous from our perspective as players who pay for a game year after year. You understand? We cannot be saying the same thing every year: I hope that Sigames has learned from FM (x) and will apply it to FM (xx) in the future ... Because if we are not always going to be in the same situation I am new to FM since 2020 and last year there were problems ... it cannot be that this is the general tone
  4. I think that Sigames after what happened in FM20 has learned his lesson and this year he will fix everything before focusing on FM22. The bugs we are reporting are key to the development of the game. I don't think Sigames wants to leave that as it is and compromise his company name
  5. hi ed Is there going to be a next patch where analytical bugs are fixed? (heat maps, pass analysis, etc)
  6. I have come to the conclusion that this happens because it is a way that the game has to complicate the management. That is, when you already know how to place your pieces and keep your morale high, the game is too easy. So the only way left to the game to make your management difficult is to provoke you to say a stupid response at press conferences and team or individual meetings to annoy your players and lower their morale. Or that his players ask him for things beyond all logic. The truth is that it seems to me a very poor resource on the part of SI. I think a lot of work is
  7. I have the transfer period active and I also have it blocked. I do not know why
  8. Well I don't know what they understand as destructive (for me I don't think it's that bad) Anyway, I'll leave the subject. There are many questions (bugs) that users are exposing and they are not being answered. I guess sometimes it's hard to contain the feeling of dissatisfaction
  9. It's not okay to delete comments ... I think it's okay to point out things that are not right in the game after an update. So developers can fix it
  10. and so much so that it is a fair complaint. We are talking about a manager management game. What less than having the correct analytical aspects! The truth is that it is quite disappointing if they don't fix this ...
  11. I have read that skins can cause problems in game development. is it true? I don't have much time in my daily life to experiment and download content that I don't know if it's safe. Also I am lazy about this game, I have two different saves and in both I am finding it very easy to reach objectives. Maybe go back to fm20. Maybe fm18. Maybe I won't buy any more fm :/
  12. is there any skin that is the same as fm20? I doubt it. Why do I have to download something that should be correct? Why does the community have to do the work that the company has not done? It is not an aesthetic question, it is a question of functionality. No skin will return the widgets or the game day time bar (for example)
  13. I've been playing this fm21 for a week and a half and I feel like the interface is kicking me out of the game. What a way to regress. Why have the match day widgets and the time bar been removed ??? The only thing that I have noticed an improvement is in the ME, more attractive, yes. Everything else is mindless annoying journalist interruptions. In addition to a lot of bugs that I have been reading through this forum ... well, regretting once again having bought this game
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