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  1. currently testing destroyer v2 on my everton save season 3 played 2 lost 2 but im currently game 36 so i will update you after i have a pre season with this tactic after ten games
  2. I havnt got one atm tbf ive just switched from gagenpress to wing play to see if my team played better ive been useing the pre set tactic gagenpress 4123 and 4123 on wing play
  3. Right is anyone having a hard time geting geting a basic tactic working this season even more since the latest patch i cant get a lone striker scoreing i try in a two up top they score more but i get hit with the ball over the top over and over again even if i move my defencive line to low ive tryed everything ive sat reading through guides and tryed to learn the tactical system better but to no joy ive even tryed to use a knapp tactic which i was just as bad i cant string a good run together ive been pretty good in the previous games but this year has got me sat here frustrated to the point were ive not even turned my laptop on today can anyone offer me any advice i dont want a tactic just a push in the right direction what systems are working with the match engine ive tryed making a posession system tryed countering teams ive tryed keeping it all simple to try make a base only a few t.i's ans limited p.is any help at this point would be greatfully accepted
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