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  1. First season it was working perfect, but now one defender always stays in correct position to break trow-in exploit... I'll try to record a video...
  2. AI solved throw-in routine. Is there a way to fix it ? Thanks @knap
  3. Shut-up Garrincha it still works as perfect as it was :))) sorry for the inconvenience, problem was just for one game...
  4. I think tactics stopped working with 19.3.5? thanks @knap
  5. hi @knap once again thanks for the tactics... I couldn't see, is there a version ıf Pilgrimage 4141 with the newest set pieces? or how can i make it... thanks in advance
  6. Won the CL with Grimsby at my 3rd season in EPL with pilgrimage4141. Rarely with pilmirage422 my version is 19.3.4
  7. Thanks @knapWon the EPL with Grimsby. Mainly with pilgrimage 4141 and some matches with pilgrimage 442. My version is 19.3.4 i have tested more than 20 tactics in holiday mode and pilgrimage4141 was the most successful one. (Grimsby finished EPL 6th ) that was interesting cause i won the league in full mode.
  8. It's really weird... I won all 12 games with 4 goal scoring average. then something happened and it stopped... And i started again to test with the same save / team everything 2 wins 2 draws and 8 lost... there is something super wrong with this game can't explain that...
  9. OK.. V5 works perfect in 19.3.4 My poor Grimsby is like a dream team in EPL :)))
  10. Hi @Totalfootballfan, First of all thank you for your tactics, you make life more joyful for me... Im using conqueror (with DLP and DR attack version) and promoted to EPL with Grimsby in 3 seasons... Just amazing, and in my first season at EPL i was at 3rd place with my poor team... however i don't know why i started to lose many games. Is it related with 19.3.4... Im using Mac and i can't understand when i did upgrade to 19.3.4... how can i see that or is that just coincidence Thanks in Advance
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