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  1. Hello, yes I use Gladiator, if im not winning I change it to Conq after halftime...
  2. thank yok @solounamigo and @knap and @matiz96 CL and league without any loss... with home & away
  3. First season it was working perfect, but now one defender always stays in correct position to break trow-in exploit... I'll try to record a video...
  4. AI solved throw-in routine. Is there a way to fix it ? Thanks @knap
  5. Shut-up Garrincha it still works as perfect as it was :))) sorry for the inconvenience, problem was just for one game...
  6. I think tactics stopped working with 19.3.5? thanks @knap
  7. hi @knap once again thanks for the tactics... I couldn't see, is there a version ıf Pilgrimage 4141 with the newest set pieces? or how can i make it... thanks in advance
  8. Won the CL with Grimsby at my 3rd season in EPL with pilgrimage4141. Rarely with pilmirage422 my version is 19.3.4
  9. Thanks @knapWon the EPL with Grimsby. Mainly with pilgrimage 4141 and some matches with pilgrimage 442. My version is 19.3.4 i have tested more than 20 tactics in holiday mode and pilgrimage4141 was the most successful one. (Grimsby finished EPL 6th ) that was interesting cause i won the league in full mode.
  10. It's really weird... I won all 12 games with 4 goal scoring average. then something happened and it stopped... And i started again to test with the same save / team everything 2 wins 2 draws and 8 lost... there is something super wrong with this game can't explain that...
  11. OK.. V5 works perfect in 19.3.4 My poor Grimsby is like a dream team in EPL :)))
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