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  1. Really enjoying fm touch, have played full fat since 1998, but life takes over and lack,of time means fm touch is now more manageable. They only thing I would like to see is team talks in it. It’s quite frustrating not being able to motivate moral before during or after games. It’s just too difficult to change moral by winning if moral is so low, the team can’t win. The limited team discussions that happen are pretty useless compared to team talks.
  2. How about removing 'Purchase Magic Sponge' micro transactions? No one believes that injuries are legitimate anymore, but that SI have coded the game to increase injuries in order to make more money from people purchasing this option. Which they have.
  3. True though isn't it? It was not abuse, but something that I and many others have felt over the years needed highlighted. Care to deny that SI have coded injuries to occur more now that there is a micro purchase option enabled in the game? Statistics they have. Its just a shame that they felt the need to go down that route, plays more like a web based money making game now because of it. Pity
  4. I have been playing this game since 1998, and now play on Touch on Ipad. I have never in my life experienced a time where I am unable to play the same squad 2 games in a row due to mysterious 'injuries.' The amount of players that seem to become injured after training is an absolute joke. It is completely random. I wonder if the 'purchase magic sponge' has anything to do with it? I bet it does. Has the game been coded now to increase injuries so players are tempted to spend money healing them? This is is totally against the integrity that the game should have. And before you ask about my training schedules, I have been doing this for years and know how to train players without breaking them. It is totally unplayable, and means that none of my tactics can work, as I NEVER have the same players week in week out. Come on guys, don't sell out like this
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