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  1. @css_matt Thanks for the advice, I just can't understand it. I have never had these type of problems on any previous FM's. I have even stopped resetting the team on the tactics page (clearing the starting 11 ready for the next game) just in case it's something silly like this.
  2. Hi guys and gals, I am Sheff Utd manager in the English League One. I have just won manager of the month for October (4 wins out of 5), yet nearly all players are on 'Okay' morale or there abouts. This isn't an isolated incident, even when winning I find my players are dropping morale. I am not critical of players or ripping into them in public, can someone please please tell me whats up with FM14. This is the only Football Manager that I have struggled with and had me scratching my head, Many thanks in advance, Zinedine.
  3. Yip, I got to rank 1 in the FML Gameworld, but guess what, this isn't even the problem. The problem is, I seem to be packing vastly superior squad members and guess what, my team loses. Sheff Utd, with mint players. Oldham and crappy squads beat us at home. Ok yerr. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat.....
  4. I have perservered for long enough. Sheff Utd, with a very very strong squad. Teams with a lot lot lower skills available are scoring frequently, both home and away. I used to play FM Live and I got to rank 1*. I am not saying that to prove anything, but I just mentioned it to say that I am a guy with a bit of knowledge,
  5. I seem to be struggling with most tactics in FM14. I've tried Sheff Utd in League 1, but even with a decent team and a bit of cash to splash I'm still struggling. Is it because I like the weird n wonderful formations?? I dislike generic 4-4-2 formations, as I believe a bit of variety keeps this game interesting. I tried Wing Backs, with 3 at the back, 3 in Midfield, an AMC and a Striker. It worked Ok for a while but the pattern I find is that I lose 1, win one, lose 2, win 1, win 2, lose one etc etc. Can anybody give me any tips as to what I can do to resolve this issue?? Or am I resigned to 4-4-2 obscurity?? P.S. - I've never really struggled with the above issue on any of the previous FM's, but then again I liked to set up my own tactics with sliders etc. Many thanks in advance for any tips, Zinedine.
  6. Hi all, On previous versions (up until 2012) I noticed that you could select your 'Target Man' as you would 'Playmaker' etc. I was trying a Target Man on FM 14 but I cannot see where you list your Target Man?? I have my wing backs crossing to Target Man so would like to select them. I realise you select the striker and change his role to Target Man but is it possible to select them like in previous versions?? Thanks all,
  7. Hi all, I have installed the BETA and have noticed that I can't select the 'Windowed' mode?? Is it not possible to do this, as I would like to be able to do other things on my laptop such as Skype etc. Any idea's folks
  8. Hi all, Let me first say I have never ever used Steam to download a game. I have pre-ordered FM 2014 and have received the BETA key through e-mail. The problem for me is where exactly do I download or apply the BETA code?? I have gone onto Steam and searched FM 2014 but they want to charge me £34.99 but I have already paid for the game and received the code. Apologies again, this is the first time I have tried this, I usually just buy the 'hard copy' of Football Manager. Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks all.
  9. Thanks for the reply wazza, I just checked my e-mail with the code and there isn't a link to Steam just the code
  10. Hi guys and gals, I have pre-ordered FM 2014 and this includes the Beta invite (which I have received the code). I was wondering : (1) Where I will actually download the Beta (2) How will I know when the Beta is actually ready Thanks a lot in advance, I did a search but haven't found any conclusive answers. Peace Out
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