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  1. Someone posted the direct link to the tactic on page 82
  2. there's no download link but here's some pictures Football Manager 2021 (gyazo.com) Football Manager 2021 (gyazo.com) Football Manager 2021 (gyazo.com) Football Manager 2021 (gyazo.com)
  3. yeah because i'm using a different formation not the original.
  4. Football Manager 2021 (gyazo.com) Champions League quarter final vs Juventus, tactic = raptor v4 tweak
  5. That's good to hear mate, glad you're enjoying my tweak it works amazingly with top tier teams like Man Utd and I'm glad it's working for you with Spartak.
  6. I use Man United Football Manager 2021 (gyazo.com) Football Manager 2021 (gyazo.com) Football Manager 2021 (gyazo.com)
  7. Praise when winning, demand more when drawing, berate when playing poorly and encourage when going 1-0 down.
  8. just wanted to see if the tactic would work with a different formation and it's been perfect, I won the quadruple in my first season, treble in my second season then I won all 5 trophies in my third season, currently unbeaten in the league after 11 games in my 4th season. Also I'm unbeaten at home in the league for four seasons so far, overall iv'e lost one home game in 4 seasons in all competitions.
  9. just use raptor v4 normal tactics but use a 4-2-3-1 formation.
  10. Football Manager 2021 (gyazo.com) Third season using Raptor V4 with a different formation = 4-2-3-1 , 5 trophies won in one season, almost went unbeaten too.
  11. It's not a tweak it's just the Raptor V4 tactics with a different formation which is 4-2-3-1 instead of 4-4-2.
  12. Done the quadruple in my first season with Man Utd using Raptor V4 tactics but with a different formation > 4-2-3-1.
  13. Anyone know how to do opposite player instructions in game on FM21? for example on FM20 you could set instructions on which players to press, tight marking etc, I don't see the option for it on FM21
  14. @Totalfootballfan Will you be creating new tactics for FM21?
  15. Nice, iv'e always wanted to start a championship save, hopefully going to start it this week.
  16. @Totalfootballfan I want to start a new save with Leeds, which tactic would you choose out of Cerber V4 and Fighter V2? also how would you set out the team?
  17. Press Intensity for all players including the goal keeper, mark the best players, and show onto weaker foot for the best players.
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