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  1. Nice, iv'e always wanted to start a championship save, hopefully going to start it this week.
  2. @Totalfootballfan I want to start a new save with Leeds, which tactic would you choose out of Cerber V4 and Fighter V2? also how would you set out the team?
  3. Press Intensity for all players including the goal keeper, mark the best players, and show onto weaker foot for the best players.
  4. balanced or positive playing away from home depending on how strong your team is, OI instructions I do show onto weaker foot and tight marking on the most dangerous players, pressing intensity on all players.
  5. Just done the Quadruple again, went unbeaten in the league again too, 4th CL title in 7 years, Raptor V4 really is the best ttactic about.
  6. It's rare for central midfielders to score but not rare to assist, if you want midfielders that do both they should have excellent technical stats.
  7. Yes no worries lets move on from this, I don't have a real problem with you anyway.
  8. No one was boasting and even if I did I can boast as much as i like and you can't do nothing about it, in fact this forum is full of people showing off their achievements. I based my 2% efficiency thing on my results, for example TFF created Raptor V4 but he removed it months ago because it wasn't one of the best tactics based on his own judgement but iv'e encouraged people to use it through my tweak/results and they're very happy about it and TFF has no problem with it either. Maybe I shouldn't of suggested that TFF's opinion might not be true as he has 100 times more experience p
  9. well i'd say it's more than 2% efficiency just because TFF say's that doesn't mean it's true
  10. there really isn't a process you just set individual OI's to the most dangerous players on the opposing team, if you have a good assistant manager you can get them to do it for you every game.
  11. it doesn't require a lot of effort at all OI literally take 30-40 seconds to set every game and this is coming from someone who's broken almost every record on the game, gone unbeaten in a season, won 74 games in a row, gone 30 games unbeaten internationally and won every international tournament, of course using TFF's old Raptor V4 tactic though he does deserve some credit for creating that tactic.
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