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  1. Congrats on not getting relegated man. Reminds me of the time I took over a division 2 side and managed a mid table finish before getting fired for leaking talks with the chairman to the press. I do want to return and fight the good fight and get them to the first division. How are you setup? Defensive??
  2. Lol good point. I always related that attribute to just dribbling, didn’t think it mattered much for other aspects.
  3. I just found a CB who’s that tall lol @6Times What club is he with in FM19? Pellegri?
  4. I just discovered the beauty of a Complete Forward so I know what you mean. I have a striker who fits that exact description but I don’t know how to 2 Complete Forwards would work off each other. Does that mean you don’t play with an attacking midfielder? What role do you have that lone striker as? Why balance?
  5. Where can I find such fine specimens lol My main tactic is a 4-3-3. I have an absolute gem in the center playing as a Complete Forward (a) with a striker on the left that plays as a DLF(s) and an AF on the right. I have to tinker with the striker on the left because he’s more suited to the DLF role but he’s consistently getting ratings between 6.4-6.8. I switched him to an AF because he doesn’t have high creativity but is high on finishing. Target Man may be worth a shot just to get him more involved.
  6. Personally I’ll look at his Bravery, Anticipation, Composure and Decisions before I look at his technical stats. I’m very hesitant to purchase strikers who aren’t at least a 12 in Bravery and the above stats, even if their finishing or first touch is above average. My Head of Youth Development purchased a wonder kid from Argentina, but his Bravery, Anticipation, Compuate and Decisions aren’t the best (between 8-11 for all of them. Bravery being the lowest). He did fine in the first half of the season but would get nervous in big games and began to miss absolute sitters. His form just tanked in the second half of the season no matter how many chances I gave him. I ended up loaning him out to a second division side and it seems to have helped him. My scouts always report back with these wonderkid strikers but I don’t want to pull the trigger if their Bravery and Composure are low. Is there a way to improve those attributes or are they pretty much set in stone?
  7. @anagain I’ll check out the sub. I love reading about people’s stories in their save. And when you didn’t sell your CB, was there a sentence that showed you he was upset about not being sold? In the dynamics section of his individual profile?
  8. After some increased offers on my end, Juventus didn’t wanna play ball. I canceled the Horta deal and thankfully Horta isn’t upset at all about it
  9. Sup guys, Have a bit of transfer drama that I wanna share. So in a fit of rage following an embarrassing defeat at home to Tottenham in the CL, I transfer listed my best FB after he didn’t take the 2 week fine like a man and insisted he played good (he finished the match with one of the lowest scores I’ve ever seen. It was between 5-6). He was 31 years old (Thomas Meunier from Belgium) and I was planning on finding replacements at the end of the season with a replenished transfer fund. I was rotating him with an academy product with high potential who’s been doing fairly well. So bottom line, I need fullbacks. A Chinese club came swooping in as soon as I transfer listed him and I accepted the offer. In retrospect I shouldn’t have done that because after that he was back to his solid defending, pinpoint crossing, assisting ways. Fast forward to the January transfer window. Meunier has left for the Chinese Super League and I bring in a FB (Aurier, plays for Spurs in RL I believe) from my reserves to replace Meunier. Suddenly I see an offer from Juventus. They want one of my starting attacking midfielders (can play as an AMC and midfield) on loan with a mandatory fee of $94 mil. I take a look to see if Andre Horta wants to move, and sure enough he does. Given the fact that I have quite a few midfielders and a couple I can’t guarantee consistent playtime, I accept the offer. Then it hits me. My scouts found a promising FB that’s just as technically sound and has great ball IQ as well as being faster than Meunier, and this guy is in his early 20s with high potential. I didn’t have the funds to sign him last season and Juventus picked him up. I figured if I’m gonna loan out one of go to creators, then I’m gonna try and get the FB from Juventus in a sort of “I got what you want, you have what I want” deal. I forgot to mention that Juventus will be paying me $400k monthly for the duration of the loan, so the club will come out with a nice amount of funds from this deal. In return, I offered to pay nearly a million monthly and then an optional fee of 75 million at the end of the season. In total Juventus will get close to 90 million at the conclusion of the loan. They’ve declined the original offer and two new offers. Juventus is hesitant to let him go. The time came to finalize the Horta deal, but I delayed it. I won’t let Horta go unless Juventus lets their young FB go. Even if Horta is angry and the deal falls through, I’ll transfer list him at the end of the season and let him go elsewhere but not Juventus.
  10. I first downloaded FM19 middle of last year. I played a few matches in my first season and man it was daunting. It didn’t help that I started with an MLS club either lol For some reason I wanted to play it and give a serious, honest shot. November came by and I’ve been addicted ever since. Had to watch a lot of YouTube videos and read many guides to get a hold on things but it’s been worth it!
  11. If it’s my first season at a club I’ll sort out my back room first. Coaches being the priority right after medical, then scouts. I’ll keep most of them but release the staff who have below 15 on the needed attributes. I’ll bring in some higher quality ones and at the conclusion of the first season I do a full check of the staff to get the best people I can. It usually includes increasing the amount of coaches, physios and scouts as well. At the conclusion of the season I review my notes (I keep a small notebook of ideas, observations and such throughout the season) and see where on the pitch we need improvement. Finally I’ll look at player contracts and take into account their age, how they performed and if they fit in my system before I decide whether or not to sell them. I’ll search for any high potential youth players to bring them into my youth setup as well.
  12. Yet you don’t want to sell a couple of them because you never know lol I keep finding these quality CB’s but I desperately need fullbacks. I sold my 31 year old FB after a 5-4 loss at home to the Spurs in the CL Group Stage. I fined him and told him he played poorly, disagreed with me and I transfer listed him immediately lol
  13. **** man same here. On my 25 man roster, behind CB’s are midfielders in terms of how many players I have at that position. Different types tho. Defensive, supporting and a couple creative beasts. How do you maintain such discipline lol I just diversified my scouting network and hired one that specialized in Croatia, Bosnia and a couple other nations from that region, and man .. the urge to just sign these guys is strong lol
  14. I want to share a quick story about the consequences of buying too many CB’s. In my first successful season in Europe (with Sevilla), I went a little overboard with our transfer budget. The first season with them I spent 120$ million on an attacking midfielder that was tearing it up in the BL (and that played with me back in my MLS days). The rest I used on bringing in quality defensive players (not aware of the squad limit in La Liga). Fast forward to the end of that season, we stood victorious with winning the league and the domestic cup as well as a great run in the CL (lost in the semi’s). We had the best goal differential, and the best defense in the league. My current (second) season I signed a few players with the intention of loaning them out to increase their value and sell them after a season or two. Now, where I went wrong is I signed too many centerbacks with high potential at a reasonable price and am now paying the price for it. In 3 games (including the Spanish Super Cup) I’ve conceded 9 goals. 5 in that SSC match (lost 5-4 to Atletico Madrid) and 4 against Leganes at home (won 4-3). I can attribute the leaky defense to one of my starting CB’s: Luiz Felipe Ramos, who had an amazing World Cup with Brazil, but always seems to be injured throughout the season. Well he’s injured and I’ve had to rotate between two new CB’s. The newest one had his debut in our first home match, causing an own goal which put us down early. I promptly subbed him off for a more experienced newer signing (Jordan, who spent years with Hertha Berlin and was only 25 and a top defender) and locked down the hole at CB. My captain, Mustafi had a rare poor match but he’s 31. He’s on the way out depending on how this season goes. I loaned a 19 year old wonder kid defender (Manuel Mina from Colombia) to make room for Mr. I Want A Key Player Contract So I Can Score An Own Goal On My Debut from Portugal. The lack of tactical familiarity with our new signings, instability in our back 4 because our experienced fullbacks played like complete and utter ***** in the SCC (I’ve used Ricardo Baena, my academy player with high potential and a Tello, a younger FB with potential to send a message to the experienced guys), has contributed to my once proud defense being leakier than the Titanic. Also, one of those backup centerbacks I first signed, Ruben Semedo, ended up being a major player last season when Ramos (the Brazilian World Cup defender) went down for large chunks of the season. Semedo stepped up and impressed me with his performances, even in the Champions League. My plan to remedy this is in the rough draft phases, but this is what I have in mind: 1. STOP BUYING SO MANY PLAYERS!! 2. Once Ramos gets healthy, keep him and Mustafi as my starters as intended. Mina (wonder kid) is on loan which is fine for now. Jordan (Hertha Berlin CB) will be my main backup CB since hes more familiar with our system than Mr. Own Goal from Portugal. Own Goal will train and earn his way onto the bench despite having been signed as a key player. 3. If Ramos picks up another lengthy injury, I might consider selling him. At the conclusion of the season. I also have the dilemma of having two quality academy defenders who I would love to bring into the first team. Currently they’re on loan with our affiliate (Standard in Belgium) getting minutes. At the end of the season I have to do some serious trimming of my squad because I feel bad signing a lot of players when I can give them enough minutes. Plus, defense isn’t an area where they should be so much rotation and instability. A self inflicted wound I have to mend. All in all, be careful how many players you sign in the same position!
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