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  1. Wouter Burger! He was a key part of my midfield with Sevilla. Eventually he wanted to leave to City even after we won multiple CL and La Liga titles.
  2. I play a 4-3-3 narrow and usually a 4-4-2 or 4-1-4-1 (with a DM) nullifies my attack. Should add that’s what I see the AI use against me.
  3. Hello. Managing in MLS is a challenge (a good one in my opinion). One issue that I find myself encountering every season in MLS is the lack of a division II league or an academy league as well. In the US, MLS and USL are separate from each other. But some MLS clubs do have teams in the USL. For example the Galaxy have Galaxy II and the Portland Timbers have Timbers II. Not every club has one but perhaps an option could be included to create one if your club in MLS has their finances sorted out. Another option would be to make it to where if you have a USL team as an affiliate, then y
  4. I wish they’d integrate the USL more with MLS clubs. Like how Galaxy have Galaxy II and Timbers have Timbers II etc. That way we could have a waaaay easier method of getting our players match fitness up so they can play instead of going out of our way to arrange friendlies and sit through another match after match day and risk injuring our back ups as well. An academy youth league would be easier. Nothing crazy or specific. Just a general U-18 league for our academies. If FM21 had those two things I’d buy it for sure.
  5. So I did what you suggested and it worked! I still wasn't able to offer a DP contract, but I was able to offer my prospective DP a Senior contract with DP wages (10k) plus a big sign on bonus of $400k to seal the deal and got it over the line with GAM. I still have a DP spot available, but I got my striker so I'm happy. Probably should've went for my left footed Argentine but I'll settle with my Frenchman! Thanks man!
  6. Hmm I opened them here and they work just fine. But yes I mean league salary cap. I’ll give that a shot and see if it helps any. Thanks man 👍
  7. Hello, So I'm managing in MLS (LAFC) and recently one of my DP (Designated Players, marquee signings aka Zlatan, Rooney etc) left to Everton. This opened up a DP spot (max of 3) as well as salary room. I used the GAM (General Allocated Money) from the Anselmo (my Brazilian striker who left to Everton) sale to buy down the wages of some players to free up a sizeable chunk of salary space (roughly $20k free). Here is when I run into problems that are gonna force me to end the save right then and there. I don't want to end it because I'm enjoying the challenge of MLS and am on my way to esta
  8. I posted this in the ultimate feature request thread but decided to post it in its own thread as well. I don’t mean crazy FIFA 21 graphics with ultra shadows and all that madness. I’m talking something like FIFA 14 or 10 graphics for the ME. I say this because I play 99.9% of the time with 2D graphics (I switch it to 3D to watch my boys raise the trophy or the walk out in a CL match). I do this for two reasons. The first is it helps me get a better visual of how my tactic is working as well as the opposition’s. Second, I find it easier to imagine my high dribbling playmaker gliding t
  9. I think FIFA 14 graphics would add a lot to the experience. I have close to 900 hours on FM19 and been playing it all with 2D setting (replays in 3D) because I like to imagine the player dribbling past defenders and things like that. I think it would be cool if we can actually SEE our players meg the opposition or end a defenders career by dribbling past him. Idk if it would mess with the ME at all (having FIFA 14 graphics) but it would be a huge incentive to buy the next FM. More player celebrations and coach attire!! I wanna see players run into the supporter section and embrace th
  10. Sup man! Before I help you, which MLS team did you pick? Jk. But seriously .... Ok for real now. I hope you still have atleast 1.5-2 million of that sweet GAM because you have to use that to buy down salaries. They’re still gonna be paid their contract amount (if you care), it’s just to get the salary cap within the rules. So when you’re looking at the registration menu, sort it out by having your highest paid players at the top and lowest at the bottom. Now leave your DP players alone and pick players by right clicking, going to contract (I
  11. What are those moments either on or off the pitch where you felt like you did something worthy of being called a football manager? Mine was in the second leg of the knockout rounds in the CL. Our first leg was on the road at Chelsea where we lost 1-0. I was frustrated with the loss because we were dominating the league with a 9 point difference at the time. I was determined to not lose at home seeing as we went out last season in the quarter finals. The week of the second leg, I reviewed our previous match. I looked at my starting XI, my formation, my roles and duties, what we did wr
  12. Congrats on not getting relegated man. Reminds me of the time I took over a division 2 side and managed a mid table finish before getting fired for leaking talks with the chairman to the press. I do want to return and fight the good fight and get them to the first division. How are you setup? Defensive??
  13. Lol good point. I always related that attribute to just dribbling, didn’t think it mattered much for other aspects.
  14. I just found a CB who’s that tall lol @6Times What club is he with in FM19? Pellegri?
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