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  1. Stadia officially confirmed in the launch trailer! Just no date. Thank you SI.
  2. Agreed, I would like an update on save games on Stadia too. Apart from that, I will buy FM 2021 on Stadia (And only on Stadia, no PC) regardless. But this time, if the save game bug is there, I will ask for a refund. I didn't for FM 2020 and coped with it so far. But you are entirely correct.
  3. Very true, but that's not how Google does things apparently. Half the games don't get anounced and are just there. Case in point: This month has seen Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Little Big Workshop, Ary and the Secret Seasons, Far Cry 5 and Far Cry: New Dawn released out of the blue without a release date before that. They have a tendency to 'just' release games and not anounce them. It happens almost every week. But I personally doubt it's coming this week though. I expect it in a few weeks.
  4. And now, I am very sure it is. Football Manager 2021 got rated on the USK age ratings site. This is 99% of the time an indicator a release is imminent. Also, while it's a bummer you can't use add-ons for now (Google is working on enabling it), the computing power more than makes up for it. I played FM 2020 with every single league on, and it played faster than my PC ever did with 5 or 6 leagues on. For real. There's this FM youtuber which has been saying it's slow on Stadia but he based that on the fact he was on the game setup screen, checked up all leagues, saw 2 stars
  5. I don't think so. It had a rough start, but is improving rapidly. Today is it's first anniversary, while many people mentioned (not entirely serious) it would be dead by then. Instead, I personally enjoyed hundreds hours of FM 2020 on it and am currently playing AAA games since day 1 of release (AC Valhalla, Watch Dogs and soon Cyber Punk). So, the platforms fine. There's actually loads of people on the Stadia reddit on a daily basis saying how great it works for them, admitting they were bashing Stadia before trying it due to YouTube streamers trashing it and game media. The great thing: You
  6. Any news on a Stadia release for FM 2021? I'll gladly buy it if this issue doesn't exist in the new version
  7. Any news on a Stadia release please? I am a long time fan (20 years or so) but since switching to Stadia I'll never want it on any other platform. Definetly not buying on Steam anymore atleast.
  8. As a long time FM fan, I am really let down by both Google and SI. I realize you guys are working hard but how can the problem of a save file with a max size of 200MB not have been caught in QA before release? If you guys want me to buy the next installment, please make sure you fix this for this year's version.
  9. The same applies to me in regards to settings Ben, I have all nations and leaugues applied and use a large database. So probably a storage issue. If you want, I can PM you my Stadia username and give you guys permissions to access my save files with Google. My save is sitting at december 2nd 2020 btw.
  10. I can't load my old save game either, since 4 days or so. Hope this gets fixed, because I finally found a work around for properly saving earlier..
  11. Certainly, here we go: - Use Auto Save is ticked on - Auto save is set to every three months - Auto save type is New file for every auto save - Use auto save type when saving manually is ticked off Apart from that, when I view the load game screen for my current save it says the date of the save is May 18th 2020 but when I load it, it reverts to the previous save with a date of 26th of april 2020. This happens with auto saves or when I press the Save Game button on the menu. When I press Save Game As and enter a completely new filename, it saves and loads cor
  12. I have the exact same problem. I tried the create new file workaround as suggested, but can confirm that doesn't help. I'm going to stop playing until this gets fixed, for the third time now I forgot to save to a completely new file manually (Because after playing FM for years, I kind of get used to auto save). Kind of frustrating.
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