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  1. I had a player with listed transfer status but my asking price was too high. When I attempted to change the options from "When an offer is received" i keep getting the attached error. This will cause the game to create a dump archive and of course to be closed. Please let me know if you need further information. FM 2021 v21.0.0.1476964 (2020.11.21 21.43.31).dmp FM 2021 v21.0.0.1476964 (2020.11.21 23.35.40).dmp
  2. It makes total sense to me. It is just a bit sad not having a celebration but I understand what could be the disadvantages. Vamo Uruguay!!
  3. I faced several players in the last week that got mad about the squad situation, but after a day or two they change their mind again without having to do anything. Seems a bit odd to me. I have a savegame for you in case you need it.
  4. Hi there. Not sure if this is a bug or WAD. Happened also in previous versions, Uruguayan league is split in two rows (Apertura and Clausura). These two tournaments are part of the National League, but each can have a unique champion. so my annotations about that are the following: No Post match trophy animation is played whenever you win Apertura or Clausura championships, when in real life we do have for both tournaments. Same happens to the Uruguayan Champion, if same team won the Apertura and the Clausura tournaments, and rule in the Global table as well, that team should be getting
  5. Sorry Ben, but I did not realised to grab a savegame for you. I should have. If I find this bug again I will grab a savegame for you to investigate.
  6. I had this player Leonardo Barcia who's contract is ending in less than 6 months, so he agreed to sign for another club. So far so good. At the time of signing, the option to "sell now" was not offered to me. But some time after that, I had the option in the dropdown menu "Transfer", which I clicked and the screen I'm attaching was the result. Seems that the buying club accepted the price, the transfer should have take place but it didn't. The player is still in my club and the fee did not appeared in my club's incomes details. Please let me know if I was clear.
  7. This happens too many times. Two goals in 2 minutes, when the team is actually performing great.
  8. I've been paying attention to the number of extra time and at least for the last 10 matches, it goes with 5 minutes every time. Whether you make substitutions or not there is always 5 minutes added. I cannot give you details of how many goals my team conceded in those minutes, but that's not your problem just my defenders being crappy players. Is there any information that I can add for you to look at this?
  9. Staff>Responsibilities>Transfers&Contracts>Offer to clubs: Despite having selected the checkbox "Use First Team Settings" and saving with "Confirm" button, the option will remain unchecked if you come back after changing screen, Also when selecting any of the options in the dropdown (Outgoing development loans) , the last option in the checkbox list gets out of sight.
  10. Another screen in the Responsibilities section. This one is under Transfers & Contracts > Transfers. There is an empty gap between sections.
  11. When assigning responsibilities on loans, the First Squad option is duplicated. This happens also in Spanish translation. In this case, the team does have Reserves and U-19 squads, therefore there should be only 3 options in the dropdown.
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