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  1. Sound is something that Sports Interactive have totally ignored for years now. I know you can argue "SI is a small studio", "the game isn't about sound" "many people play with FM on the background" but let's face it, it's not on the same level when compared to the rest of the game. Surely a realistic full match commentary would be nice but it is almost impossible to create as it always gets annoying no matter how good it might sound for a while. That can be seen heard from Madden and FIFA series. But what MrPompey said, those are small, relatively easy additions that make a difference and add to the atmosphere of the game.
  2. Come to think of it, my playing speed varies a lot a like gunner86 said. Right now I went for a winning streak and everything seems easy. The whole February went by fast with 7 games in it. EDIT: 7 game pure winning streak!!! Woohooo!
  3. I know it's an old thread but I was going to make a new one, then spotted this one. How long does it take you to complete a season in Football Manager 2017? I'm in February in my second season with Crewe and my game status shows 33 hours in total. I'd say that's quite fast for me. But I used to have worse PC/laptop while playing older versions of FM so that probably explains it. That being said, first season takes me about 24 hours, then maybe 12-18 hr / season.
  4. Thinking of some constant habits (good and bad) When going to the player screen in my squad (which shows Attributes as default ), I click the "show recent attribute changes" on and then back off. It would be easier to just keep it on but somehow the interface seems messy with it on all the time. I tend to save before every match and rotate between two saves savegamename_a and savegamename_b. Sometimes I get too complacent and don't bother to save so often... like today as there was a short power cut and I had to replay three matches. Two different savegame files are against file corruption/powercut while saving. When negotiating contracts I aim to minimise all bonuses and fees to keep things simple and offer a better basic salary instead. It was easier in the older FM versions (almost a cheat) and nowadays with so many extra fees everywhere I'm not doing very well with this tactic. Added from Powermonger. "Spend way too long looking for and analysing players and staff to sign at the start of game and between seasons (I am talking days worth of play)" BUT that's the best part of the game, always looking for that next young winger etc. Before continuing to an important match (cup, playoff etc.) I tend to be so nervous that I go for a little walk or jog. I know it's just a game... WAIT! Football Manager is just a game...
  5. I have to ask: Do laptops (or other electronics) only have 3 month warranty in UK? That sounds kind of lame. As for you problem, I can't name a model but I think if you go for a cheaper one, you have to accept a screen that has a poorer resolution than 1920 x 1080 or a laptop that has no SSD.
  6. Good post, Smurf. That really summed it up, especially for those who are buying their first laptop for FM. For me, if I get used to something, it is kind of hard to "fall back" you know. Once you have used a laptop/PC that has a good SSD, using one without SSD feels a bit akward.
  7. I had that when I was younger. Somehow got rid of it luckily. Made really no sense when I knew I would pick the same team again.
  8. I forgot to add a couple of points. When buying a laptop you should always try it by yourself if you have the chance. That way you can really tell if the screen is readable from different angles and how it "feels" to use the laptop. Just reading specs is a bit misleading. And because they don't name the maximum resolution in the specs in gills17's case, looking at the more detailed specification reveals that it only has a resolution of 1366 x 768. That is ok but these days I'd consider a 1920 x 1080 laptop if that laptop was my only device (no PC or larger eternal screen available). Looking at the picture now, the laptop gills17 was considering has a standard square touchscreen in the lower left side. My first laptop had a smaller one centered in the middle like this one. As I got used to it during a couple of years, it was very hard to use a bigger one without my hands screwing with the touchpad all the time. So, it's about the amount of money you can "invest", your goals and the expectations for the laptop (specifications) and finally, personal preference.
  9. and with only one league the game speed should be very good.
  10. For the price I think it's ok. A decent prosessor, SSD and 8GB RAM are fine. If you can afford that price range, it seems like a good laptop for FM. As for the 9,5 Hr battery life.... HAAHHAHAHAHAHH. Maybe with one lucky test at the factory with minimal currency and only BIOS loaded.
  11. Had to login to the forums... your message made me laugh out loud.
  12. You still there, mate? I read your first post and tbh Berbatov didn't seem to be offside... But anyways your post was great stuff compared to the usual whine and cr*p some people post. It's the moments like yours that make this game so great (and annoying).
  13. I don't think you are able to remove them all. However, if you choose to manage another club, I'd assume the scout reports get reset anyway...
  14. I know it wasn't targeted to me but I think anyone who has played the FM series for a long time would choose player A.
  15. Having a pace of 12 is not bad at all. I agree there could be more young players with good physical starting attributes but in my opinion the current system just fine in the end. Personally I just got a promising regen through my youth setup (Crewe) who has at least 11 in all physical attributes. It's also worth noting that a player with 20-pace is not "twice as fast" as a player with 10.
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