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  1. Hmmm, I noticed from your screenshot earlier that Everton had been relegated. In my game (10 seasons) they are very good. Their last positions are (1st, 3rd, 3rd). Out of 8 PL games, I've won them once.
  2. Good luck! I have been 4 seasons now in the Premier League but cannot really challenge the biggest teams. Apart from the great first season (5th), I have been quite powerless.
  3. It was our first ever game in a Euro tournament... and then... I hope Eriksen will be OK.
  4. Well played, Vikeologist. I hope you can manage to stay up. EDIT: Wait, how do your players have such high determination attributes?
  5. Dorchester Town - Season 30/31 Transfers - League Table It was our third season in the Premier League, we played well and finished 7th. Although we did better than Man Utd, there was a clear gap between the next teams: we couldn't really compete with the biggest teams. Liverpool won all their home matches again but still didn't win the title! Lost to Stoke in Carabao Cup fourth round. Lost to Leeds in FA Cup Quarter Final. In the Champions League we got Rangers, Dortmund and Juventus in our group. We played ok, it just wasn't enough to proceed further as we finished 3rd wit
  6. I know it's just a friendly but... two players scored hat-tricks from the bench.
  7. I noticed that it's a lot easier for a newgen to make it in the lower leagues where they might have an impact immediately. Now that I've been in Premier League for a few seasons, chances of getting a player who instantly goes to the first team are quite slim, even with state of the art facilities, best coaching and recruitment.
  8. Congratulations! Interesting addiction rating: "what are humans".
  9. XaW, are you going to continue the other saves at all? Russia, Norway and England?
  10. Never had a son either. Do you just have to play for a long time for that to happen?
  11. Well, instant result is a must. I'm having problems staying motivated too. I'm a bit stuck at the moment, we got a decent team for Premier League although staff say we are "mostly operating at Championship level". Facilities are all maxed out, I get lots of decent players which is nice. I still decided to change my HOYD (0,5 rep) to a German one (2,0 rep) and see if it has any effect.
  12. Dorchester Town - Season 29/30 Transfers - League Table We started our second season in the Premier League nicely, being steadily in the top five at first. Then our star player Max Geddes couldn't find the net anymore and we started to slip to mid-table. There was no one to really step up and cover him. Poor finishing in front of goal meant that we eventually finished 10th. Liverpool won all their home matches but still didn't win the title! We lost against Tottenham in Carabao Cup semi-final. Lost to Chelsea in FA Cup 5th round. I don't know why but in Euro Cup we played l
  13. Is anyone else using steam cloud for screenshots? I haven't been able to upload any pictures in a few days now. I've had some minor problems with it before but nothing like this. I haven't changed any settings as far as I know.
  14. vikeologist, what tactic are you using? You scored so many goals but conceded a lot too.
  15. That makes sense. I didn't know it can even happen in FM.
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