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  1. Had to login to the forums... your message made me laugh out loud.
  2. You still there, mate? I read your first post and tbh Berbatov didn't seem to be offside... But anyways your post was great stuff compared to the usual whine and cr*p some people post. It's the moments like yours that make this game so great (and annoying).
  3. I don't think you are able to remove them all. However, if you choose to manage another club, I'd assume the scout reports get reset anyway...
  4. I know it wasn't targeted to me but I think anyone who has played the FM series for a long time would choose player A.
  5. Having a pace of 12 is not bad at all. I agree there could be more young players with good physical starting attributes but in my opinion the current system just fine in the end. Personally I just got a promising regen through my youth setup (Crewe) who has at least 11 in all physical attributes. It's also worth noting that a player with 20-pace is not "twice as fast" as a player with 10.
  6. Personally I haven't noticed any real difference between a scout with good mental stats and the one with bad. I'd say adaptability only means how well the person adapts to your club/country, not how well he adapts to different countries while on duty.
  7. Give this guy a medal, he just summed up everything. Well done.
  8. Certainly old. The new one just doesn't feel right and makes no sense to go back only one tab when you can easily click with mouse and choose any tab you want.
  9. Well of course it's not easy but I think some of the researchers are not only keen followers of football in general but also diehard fans of their hometown club. And I'd guess most of them have played the game themselves as young kids for years and/or know some of the current players (and maybe staff) in person very well etc. Word gets around about staff as well.
  10. I think you said it yourself, XP is rather horrible compared to Win7 (an OS from Microsoft that actually works? yup, possible) so most likely your crashes are gone now. It also comes down to how you play the game. In some older CMs / FMs I sometimes took a large amount of leagues open with huge database and let the game process at the background while surfing the web or doing errm... household work . With the current star rating however, I'd agree with JojoVillaHursty: 2+ is enough for a decent game.
  11. Would be great to manage SI. Oh boy... After 20 years of hard work, building up a successful company with 70 full-time staff members out of nothing, developing a manager game that has won multiple awards and that no competitor has ever got even close, you release the annual version of your now close-to-perfect product with pride. You feel relaxed and log into the forums expecting some feedback from the fans and there it reads about 50 times: "**** you, SI,, the game is nwo totally utterly unplayabl for me! / Morale srwed up big time! / I could'nt get it work ffs in 2 minutes of Steam wtf is that / Will you evr gte the regens right, damn iditos even my grandpa could code btter / bloody horribl animation people moving like cavemen, bring back tactc editor and 2D, geez and did I mention morale? huh?" But however, because you are the manager you just gently click "Turn off the forums" and all the messages are gone. Aaaah, you smile with a big grin out of sight, out of mind.
  12. To see the numbers the OP is referring to, 1. Open the editor and load up the database 2. Choose Nations 3. List all the nations (do not type anyting and press enter -> "237 records found") 4. Right-click over some column and choose "Insert column" -> Youth rating. That way you can see Professionalism, Sportsmanship etc. Seems like Holland and Germany produce some of the most balanced guys on average.
  13. Ok I apologize. :o But I remember the days when I was eagerly downloading a 50 MB patch for CM03/04 through 56k modem and it took me ages (due to everyone downloading at the same time, SI site down etc.). But it was worth it in the end (thank you Download Accelerator back then)
  14. I don't think I'm missing the point here. Your exaggerated answer just proved me you are a dumbass. FM11 ran just fine on my 3-year-old laptop with 6 playable leagues selected and about 25k players loaded, and again no problems with Steam installation. Besides I'm from Finland, where are you from? Steam has servers all around Europe. I have been using Sweden but I just checked and nowadays there seems to be "Finland" as a location as well. If your connection is bad, surely you can leave it running over one night?
  15. It is the entire game. I see your point but look at it from my point of view: I had no problems: I paid for my game which was on a nice discount on Steam (1 min), downloaded ( about 2,5 GB in 12 minutes ) it while also downloading skins from FMScout and searching other potential stuff what I should do before starting a new game. I have been taking a dump longer that it took me to start the game this time around.